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    One of the first things I did back in August when I first got my TouchPad was opening up the HP MovieStore App to see what was there. I remember the selection being very poor, both for movies and TV shows, and remember reading several other people pretty much saying the same thing, and talking about how HP was just offering a small selection of titles from the same provider that Best Buy uses for their online movie product.

    This evening, pretty much on a whim, I decided to open up the MovieStore app. I went straight to the TV shows, and was pleasantly surprised to find that they seemed to have several more titles that my last visit several months ago. Nice to see they've refreshed it a bit.

    Then I go to the movies. I flip through a couple screens. Then flip through a couple more. And flip. And flip. And flip. Astonished, I go back to the beginning and start counting. When I decide to give up, I've already counted over 1600 titles, and who knows how many there are in total - several thousand perhaps?. I see several movies that I've been wanting to see, and 3 or 4 that I will definitely rent, even at the $3.99 fee which I consider too high. Seeing that I can't connect the TP to my TV and watch on a big screen, and can't have more than one person watching comfortably, $3.99 is too much. $1.99 is what I'd happily pay, or up to $10 for a monthly unlimited subscription. I see some recent blockusters, I see older titles, I see B movies, I see straight to cable and TV ones. A selection that reminds me a lot of Netflix, actually, but also some gems that Netflix doesn't offer online as well. But anyway, HP has massively expanded the catalog of movies over the last few months, and that has made me pretty annoyed.

    Why should this get me upset? Well, it all comes down to a simple question - WHEN WAS HP GOING TO TELL ME ABOUT THIS??? Am I the only one who didn't know? Is my email address the only one where the email updates from HP highlighting the new additions to the MovieStore catalog which I would be interested in spending money on EACH WEEK mysteriously did not appear, while the emails from HP touting their computers and printers which I, like most people in the known universe, would only be spending money on ONCE IN A FEW YEARS consistently arrive and sit ignored in my inbox? Fail HP. Fail, Fail, Fail!

    Is it just me, or is this completely ridiculous? Amazon has algorithms working their butts off to suggest things to me that I might possibly be interested in buying, and HP doesn't think it's worthwhile to tell me they've added new movie titles to a catalog that has a reputation of being thin? Any reason why the app can't trigger a system notification to say they've added new movies this month? Any reason why they couldn't send an email or two announcing the releases, especially since I've just become aware that there is also a PC version of the MovieStore as well?

    I'm really curious to hear how many other people also didn't know the movie selection had been expanded, and whether you would have been renting/buying over the past few months if you had known. Even if HP's deal with RoxioNow doesn't net them much of a revenue share, I would have thought the positive spinoff for actually having a fairly decently stocked (although overpriced IMO), movie service for the TouchPad would be worth the minimal effort it would take to make sure people know?
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    is this movie store also found on hp computers?

    if so, perhaps those people using laptop/desktop computers receive some sorta update.

    the touchpad sadly, is a dead device to hp...
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    Makes me think we need to create a definition for a new verb, "to HP". Phrases like "strategic failure", "lack of coherence", and "abysmal planning" might be a few definitions.
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    what titles did you see that you like? don't have time to flip through but have a friend taking a 9 hour plane flight shortly and would forward your suggestions...
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    The ones I'm going to rent are:
    Soylent Green - a classic sci-fi flick I've heard a lot about but have never seen
    The Storm Warriors - A Chinese Kung **/Fantasy movie which is either a sequel or remake of another movie "The Storm Riders" from about 10 years ago.
    Green Lantern
    The Bad Seed - a classic thriller/horror movie form the 50's

    BTW, I just flicked through from beginning to end to see how many movies are actually there, and came up with 2519. Not as much as I thought last night, but still quite respectable.

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