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    My treo will often have bouts of the wireless mode turning itself off. This is extremely annoying as many times I won't even realize it has turned off and go for hours with it off missing several calls. This has been going on for about 2-3 months, maybe once or twice a week--since I received a replacement 180 from handspring and also a new t-mobile sim card around the same time. I never had this problem with my early 180 or first voicestream sim.

    I haven't reported anything because I've been trying to find a pattern. I know it has something to do with pressure, possibly on the SIM door. If I put the treo in my handspring holster, it will ALWAYS happen. But almost never if I have it even in a tight jeans pocket. It will happen if I push it in screenside up in the shelf of my car dashboard, but not if I squeeze it in the same shelf sim side up. Most annoyingly, it often happens while pulling it out of the desktop charger, as I'm trying to answer a call.

    But worse, it is happenning more and more while just holding in my hand. Yesterday I was on a call and about two minutes in, wireless mode just turns off. This is the worst case, because pressure is NOT the cause. I will turn it back on, it will turn back off within seconds. Only some of the times do I get a Check SIM Card error. I'll spend minutes fighting it to turn it on, while the other person is probably trying to get me and only reaching voicemail, and I finally have to borrow someone else's phone. Very aggrivating.

    Taking out and reseating the SIM, rubbing, cleaning with alcohol, pencil eraser, etc has no effect.

    Does anyone have any idea what is wrong here? Has anyone had similiar experiences? I don't know if I should be going to t-mo for a new sim, or HS for a whole new treo. As you can imagine I don't want to deal with either.
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    Get a new SIM card, I had the same problem w/my 270! I stopped at Cingular and got a new SIM (which they charged me $25 for! I called customer service and yelled and they credited my account the $25!)
    With new SIM card it never happened again!

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    I had the same problem. After talking to HS tech support and trying the phone reset app, they decided to send me a new phone. No more turn offs.

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    I first had them send me a new phone but the problem was still there. I got a new SIM and it never did it again

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