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    Recently, I've been getting a problem while syncing. I get a message that says "HotSync has caused an error in MFC42.DLL. HotSync will now close." and my sync does not complete.

    I finally tracked the problem down to a palm baseball scoring software I use. But the funny part is that I haven't used that software in a few months. When I delete that application from my Treo, I can sync with no problem.

    I did a quick search here (didn't find much) and on the web (found a lot). It appears that there are a lot of MFC42.DLL errors, from a variety of programs. But I never found much that explained WHY the problem occurred mysteriously, out of nowhere. I'd recently upgraded some programs (Quicken, Photoshop) on my PC, but can't see how that would effect ScorePad, and how the removal of ScorePad would solve my problem.

    Has anyone experienced anything similar? Can anyone help explain how this happened, or how I might be able to use ScorePad again? I updated my Windows (ME) library, and found and installed a new version of MFC42.DLL, and still have the problem.

    Thanks in advance for any thoughts. Happy New Year.
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    I'll bet you just upgraded Windows to XP Service Pack 2. I suspect this is the culprit. I have been seeing a lot more MFC42.dll errors on the boards recently. It cant be coincidence. Or perhaps a security patch from MS is the cause.

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