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    Ever since upgrading to GPRS (for the goodies and bug-fixes, still haven't bought the service), I can't connect the old-fashioned way.
    Could someone who is successfully doing this paste in their settings?

    I'm using T-Mobile in NYC, and have repeatedly checked the dial-up number, password, etc. in the Network control panel. The stuff in the Connection control panel I'm less sure of - like what my Init String should be.

    Thanks in advance!
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    what isp are you calling?
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    I use a great ISP called Expert Computer Service Internet Provider. Terrible name, I know. But they offer thousands of dial-up numbers around the world (I'm constantly on the road, for my job) and unlimited minutes for USD $25 / month.
    They're based in Canada, and can be found at:

    But back to the original question.. can someone help me out, and post their settings? I still can't figure out why I can't connect.


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