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    I remember a great thread, with pictures, about a guy who cut the lid off his Treo and attached a little speaker at the top. It really made a nice form factor.

    I just spent 15 minutes searching and couldn't find it. Does anybody remember the thread or the guy?

    Treo #2 (past warranty) just cracked at the hinge, big time. Giving throught to making a sleeker one.

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    Got a hit by searching for CUT. Here it is, in case anyone is still interested... Wonder if he's still happy with it.
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    Originally posted by lefty216

    Got a hit by searching for CUT. Here it is, in case anyone is still interested... Wonder if he's still happy with it.
    I don't care about the lid, but this guy is really nuts for messing with a transmission antenna on a transmitter you hold up to the side of your head!

    If this catches on, they might have to ask this question on health and life insurance applications: "Have you made alterations to the factory-set specifications of your cellphone's antenna!?"


    Treo 600 - what a "Marvel"ous device!
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    Not to start a raging debate, but do you really think that there is enough power coming out of the antenna to any kind of harm? They are just microwaves. All they do is heat water. They don't split DNA or anything else.


    Was that a joke?
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    Originally posted by KRamsauer
    Not to start a raging debate, but do you really think that there is enough power coming out of the antenna to any kind of harm? They are just microwaves. All they do is heat water. They don't split DNA or anything else.


    Was that a joke?
    Well, I thought I was serious. See e.g.

    Originally posted by Gary G. Little

    No offense taken.

    I am no "expert" in the area of radio and antennae, but being a licensed amateur radio operator (KA6ETP), I have built a few antennaes and tuned both them and the radio to the frequecnies I would be using. I also was a radio systems officer in the US Army and have dealt with low band and high band frequencies and power outputs that were pumped through klystron generators into 30 foot dishes with peak envelope power measured in mega-watts. Mismatched components at those power levels tend to leave very bright blue spots on the back of your eyeball when they fail and literally disapear. We theorized that we could have used the inverted V low-band antennae that had an output of several kilowats as a weapon if the bad guys got really nasty.

    SWR stands for Standing Wave Ratio and is a measure of what ain't radiating. If you picture a sine wave movig to and away from the antennae, as long as nothing imedes that sine wave from radiating everything is fine. However, if there is an impedance, then that wave starts to reflect back to the transmitter. SWR is the measure of what gets out compared to what gets reflected. Obvioulsy you want reflected power to be at a minimum so you tune the circuit, which means cutting the antennae to a proper length, and loading it at the proper point, to reduce SWR or reflected power. A full wavelength is best, but those tend to be unwieldly, so usually you cut the antennae to 1/4 or 1/2 wave length and then load it at the point were the SWR is at a minimum.

    The "finals" are the components of the transmitter that amplify the signal power to it's final level.

    For cell phones, which is nothing but a radio, we are talking 900+ megahertz and antennae lengths that are measured in inches for full wave lengths. Power is in milliwats so things wont turn to flamming plastic in your hand. You took what I would guess was a 1/4 wave antennae, matched and tuned to your transmitter, reduced the length to 3/12 (??) and used steel, which has different propagation characteristics than the original antennae. You changed the SWR. Did you lower the SWR, making things more effecient? I doubt it. Will this reduce the life of the Treo --- I suspect so. You could very easily be spattering all over the band --- which is called radio frequency interferrence (RFI). And as to your future prospects for brain tumors ... who knows.

    And then again ... maybe I am full of crap, but I guarantee I will not leave my Treo CDMA alone with you.


    Just discovered by NASA, two little sounds that preceeded the big bang. "Uh Oh..."

    Treo 600 - what a "Marvel"ous device!
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    Originally posted by NateS

    Well, I thought I was serious. See e.g.


    I don't understand how that furthers the notion that cell phone radiation is dangerous.
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    Originally posted by KRamsauer
    I don't understand how that furthers the notion that cell phone radiation is dangerous.
    First of all, let me say that I do not possess or claim to possess any expertise or specialized knowledge in this area. I am speaking only as a layman, attempting to understand and interpret the information provided by those possessing such expertise and knowledge, including the online comments of others in that thread as well as a cursory examination of the FCC documents available online with regard to the testing and approval of cell phones.

    My impression is that cell phones function as both receivers and transmitters of radiated power.

    To the extent the cell phone, including its antenna is being used as receiver, it is a passive device and alterations to its design only have the potential of increasing or decreasing its effectiveness in receiving and interpreting radiated signals.

    However, to the extent that the cell phone, including its antenna is being used as a transmitter, it is an active device and alterations to its design do have the potential for not only increasing or decreasing its effectiveness in transmitting radiated signals, but also can affect the levels and method of dispersion of those radiated signals.

    This is why cell phones are tested and regulated according to their design. For example, Federal Communications Commission, Office of Engineering & Technology, Questions and Answers about, Biological Effects and Potential, Hazards of Radiofrequency, Electromagnetic Fields, OET BULLETIN 56, Fourth Edition, August 1999, states in part:

    "In the United States, although the Federal Government has never itself developed RF exposure standards, the FCC has adopted and used recognized safety guidelines for evaluating RF environmental exposure since 1985. Federal health and safety agencies, such as the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) have also been actively involved in monitoring and investigating issues related to RF exposure. For example, the FDA has issued guidelines for safe RF emission levels from microwave ovens, and it continues to monitor exposure issues related to the use of certain RF devices such as cellular telephones."
    . . . .

    “Mobile and Portable Phones and Devices
    The FCC’s exposure guidelines, and the ANSI/IEEE and NCRP guidelines upon which, they are based, specify limits for human exposure to RF emissions from hand-held RF devices, in terms of specific absorption rate (SAR). For exposure of the general public, e.g., exposure, of the user of a cellular or PCS phone, the FCC limits RF absorption (in terms of SAR) to, 1.6 watts/kg (W/kg), as averaged over one gram of tissue. Less restrictive limits, e.g., 2, W/kg averaged over 10 grams of tissue, are specified by guidelines used in some other, countries (Reference 25)., Measurements and computational analysis of SAR in models of the human head and, other studies of SAR distribution using hand-held cellular and PCS phones have shown that, the 1.6 W/kg limit is unlikely to be exceeded under normal conditions of use (References 4,, 16, 27). The same can be said for cordless telephones used in the home. Lower frequency, (46-49 MHz) cordless telephones operate at very low power levels that could not result in, exposure levels that even come close to the 1.6 W/kg level. Higher frequency cordless, phones operating near 900 MHz (near the frequencies used for cellular telephones) operate, with power levels similar to or less than those used for cell phones. They are also unlikely to, exceed the SAR limits specified by the FCC under normal conditions of use., In any case, compliance with the 1.6 W/kg safety limit must be demonstrated before, FCC approval can be granted for marketing of a cellular or PCS phone. . . .”

    H-ll, I certainly do not claim to know what all of this means, but what I get out of it is that each cell phone is tested based on its factory-released design as to its maximum transmission and dispersion characteristics. Therefore, if the factory design is altered by the user, then the testing results provided by the FCC for human safety are no longer relevant, are they?

    To me, an analogy exists in the microwave oven in my kitchen. Yes, its design has been tested and approved as safe around human beings. But suppose I remodeled my kitchen and I decided that the hinges and latch on my microwave oven didn’t go with my fancy new decor and so I fiddled around and replaced them with some cooler-looking hinges and latch that I picked up at the interior decorator’s showroom. Could I still be confident that my safety and that of my family is still ensured in the operation of my microwave oven?
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    To me, an analogy exists in the microwave oven in my kitchen.
    Going off on a bit of a tangent, I remember my high school physics teacher used to say, "The question is not whether my microwave oven leaks [radiation] or not; the question is, how much does it leak?"

    That was 25 years ago, but I still don't stand right next to the microwave when it's running.
    It's not the heat; it's the stupidity!
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    So, has anyone else been daring enough to try this? I'm fine with the antenna, but I do have an extra treo (with a broken hinge) sitting around which could be prime for a project like this... (pics of the damage)
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    Hello all,

    looks like some ppl were curious about my heavily modified TREO
    Just an update then,

    I'm still very happy with my Treo and its been working well for my uses. In point form, my thoughts are :

    1) The smaller form factor is GREAT. It's the size of a treo 90 and fits in my pants pocket easily

    2) I like not having to flip up and down the lid. No more moving parts! Faster access to my apps.

    3) More discreet when you need to use it in a meeting as you are not obviously flipping it open. Coupled with not using the stylus, it means the actions of say sending an SMS msg often goes unnoticed

    4) The unit feels more solid without the fiddly hinge and thin lid

    5) The antenna CANNOT break

    6) All other functions are still intact

    7) Looks smaller when you hold it up to ear

    8) Reception is reasonable, a bit hard to compare cos I changed
    the antenna within 2 weeks of buying it in March last year, so I really have been using it like this almost the entire time

    1) It doesn't look nearly as polished as a factory treo due to the odd speaker in the corner and epoxy

    2) Friends have a hard time using my phone cos they don't know how to put it to their ears

    3) The volume from the small speaker is poorer than the original so I sometimes have to turn it to speakerphone mode in noisy areas.

    4) The reception is slightly poorer in enclosed places. E.g. doesn't hold the signal well in a lift

    1) I have no probs with screen scratches with a screen protector

    2) It was fun to do

    3) This is my first TREO and I bought it b4 they were released in the US. No replacements needed... and that's despite my mods

    4) Pple think i'm nuts

    5) Pple think it;s cool

    Take care and regards,


    PS: I'm a medical doctor and I use it for the following :
    - Mobile Phone for voice and SMS
    - Pager (thru virtual paging)
    - PIM
    - Med reference
    - Watch
    - Internet access

    and i'm really not too worried about the EM radiation
    the levels are not high.

    Dun have my own webpage anymore but i think that website link above may work
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    had a look at your pics and yes,

    Prime candidate
    you should go for it unless u want to get a replacement

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