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    I was pondering that when I used PalmOS most apps had some sort of free/trial period or version. I know some of our more dedicated developers still put out lite versions but most don't.

    I was just looking through the app cat for some new software and realized how much I miss that. I am trying to decide which app suits a particular need. I also saw some things that just looked interesting. In the past, I would have grabbed everything to try and then bought the ones I wanted. I know that most apps are cheap and I gladly pay for something I use, but the tally would run up and I would have a bunch of unused stuff just to see what it's like.

    I think that is one of the places WebOS loses to Android. On Android you can buy an app and test it right away and then return it if it doesn't work the way you need.
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    Its a different model now, geared toward quick sales and impulse buying. What we lose (in most cases) is complexity and some quality. It is acceptable to most.
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    The developers can post videos to show the app help you decide.

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