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    With WebOS going open source, and the likelihood of HP developing another piece of hardware for it never years, we are left to wonder what can be done to save it has palm hardware begins to age.

    Considering this is millions of chinese devices going out on the market everyday and many with Android, the WebOS community needs to find a way to reach out to a manufacturer outside the typical Foxxconn route that every electronics company goes with.

    I've actually started to talk to a few hardware venders in China that i know through previous business deals and friends about the logistics of creating another webOS device. Obviously we are waiting for the details regarding the open source terms before any commitment is put in but i'm beginning that process.

    Obviously entering in the phone market requires much deeper pockets with FCC and Carrier walls being put up, but if a tablet was selling and vibing well enough to renew interest in WebOS, carriers would be to open their doors once again..

    Palm did have a great product and it could have been the iphone in terms of users, but they had a horrible marketing campaign, they never reached out developers and got killed in the app market game and most importantly their hardware was unique and cool, but failed to sway the desire of having a huge screen.

    Ideas and thoughts would be great to hear about. Being cynical about getting into anything is only going to make you look closed minded and with weaken the optimism for building a future for webOS

    I thought i had is about users on this community purchasing shares for a webOS hardware startup to get the ball rolling... thoughts??
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    Interesting idea, but needs more details. In general, I'd be willing to invest. Let us know when the concept is more solidified.

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