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    I would have thought someone would comment on this today. Chuq one of the more prominent dev relations guys left HP today per his post yesterday. Another one HP/Palm guy out the door. Best wishes to him.
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    To Bad.. He always was nice when I needed help.
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    Yeah, it is too bad. He was a very good direct contact for developers.
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    I met him in San Francisco back in February at the HP Developer Reception and he was insanely cordial and an all-around awesome guy. And frankly, he's probably one of the most patient community managers I've ever come across. From the moment I joined Palm's webOS SDK Early Access program back in the first waves (July 2009), he's been nothing but a pleasure to talk to and work with.

    Wherever he lands, he's going to be a huge asset. If he ends up working for a competing platform, the very fact that he's working there may just draw me into adopting it. He's just that good.

    That his loss from HP's webOS team isn't being discussed more around here is a real shame.

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