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    Since 2008, HP has been on a mission to rediscover its identity and express it better through a redesign of its logo and visual assets. The company hired Moving Brands, a specialist in this area, to come up with one vision for how that branding overhaul might look, and now we've gotten to see it all in public. The designs are actually from a couple of months back, as evidenced by Phil McKinney and webOS figuring prominently, and the latest word as reported from the guys at Brand New is that this redesign may or may not go ahead.

    So what's new here? The most immediately striking change proposed is a move away from the familiar circular logo to an abstract four-line design. The simpler lines are intended to evoke HP's continued progress and upward momentum, with the 13-degree angle being a recurrent theme in all of the accompanying brochures, web assets, and even hardware design. Yes, that even includes slanted ink level indicators on the sides of printers. It's certainly a bold change, one that HP perhaps didn't feel comfortable enough to make, which is why we're seeing it on the branding company's website instead of on HP's products. To see a great deal more of the Moving Brands ideas for how HP could one day look including the idea of simplifying the logo to its logical extreme, just one single line at a 13-degree angle hit up the source link below.

    source: HP's proposed brand redesign project detailed in pictures and video | The Verge
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    There are some great comments on the article at that link. lol

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