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    Dear Treo Friends,

    For several weeks now I have been unable to access my yahoo email acount w/ my Treo. After logging in, I am prompted about the new java features of yahoo's mail system which Blazer does not support. In the past when this prompt has popped up, I have been able to click a link to go back to the old version of yahoo. Now, however, when I click this link I am returned to the java prompt and thereby prevented from getting into my email. Has anyone else been experiencing this problem and is there a solution? Many thanks,

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    Welcome to TreoCentral!! There is a search feature that can be utilized to help with many questions you may have.
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    Good Luck!
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    For your information, there is an Email service called 2banywhere ( that allows you to retrieve your Yahoo! or Hotmail Email messages, for instance, with automatic pull.
    You need to register on their Web site first and install their app on your Treo.
    It is free for the time being (still a beta version), but you'll soon have to pay for the service.
    I must say that since I discovered them, I only use 2banywhere to retrieve / write my Email messages, and I'm willing to pay for it... as long as their price (not published yet) is competitive.

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