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    Ok, so now that webos is open source, how does hp justify its support? Don't get me wrong, I love webos, but a company like hp only cares about profits (hence the whole webos debacle in the first place). I mean, they aren't licensing it and aren't going to sell any hardware with it, the only revenue I see coming back to hp through webos would be the app store, but I don't think that would be enough to justify the millions they will spend on developing and updating th software.

    Google pours a lot of money into android because they use it as a portal to other google services and make money that way, but how will hp be able to put that kind of effort behind webos? I guess I'm just worried that they will not take the platform forward any more and just do the bare minimum.
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    Could be internally useful to HP if they use the OS for other things, like the printers we keep hearing about.

    Could be making money through the app catalog, especially if some other manufacturer actually does make hardware.

    I think it is too early to say. Like 90% of the posts here, it is pure speculation not backed by any real information. We will see. It may work out well, it may not go anywhere and ultimately get cancelled. In my opinion it's not really worth talking about. If you think it will work, or want it to work, then focus on doing stuff with it. If you don't think it will work, saying so is not doing anyone any good. Just move on and stop wasting our time. Of course if I truly believed this I would not have posted my own speculation.

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