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    I am a mac osx user, and in my area (chester County, Philadelphia area) the best service I get is through verizon. Is there any product I can use? Will an unlocked treo 300 work for me? Verizon said that if I have a tri mode cdcm (or something like that) it will work. Are those available? If so, where?

    All I need/want is a palm and phone combined - any suggestions? Thanks!
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    the Treo 300 will NOT work on Verizon. the Treo is CDMA but not tri mode. I recently left Verzion for Sprint so I could get the Treo. I didn't think the Sprint coverage where I live would be good, but I've had GREAT coverage everywhere I go, and I'm in a rural area. Have you tried Sprint? You might go to a Sprint store and ask the sales rep for a loner phone and test it out.
    If none of this works, and you must stay with Verizon, they will soon release the Kyocera 7135 color palm smartphone at $500.

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