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    This is either the best thing for webos..or the worst. To early to tell yet..I mean it needs needs a HTC or a samsung....It needs HP to still develop the core OS and continue to update it and set hardware standards so the userbase does not get divided.
    Android is open source, WebOS is open source. Amazon could merge the two; WebOS synegy and Android apps. Amazon has its own UI.
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    Gotta fight off the urge to tell off all those people who basically called me an ***** for insinuating that HP would open source webOS.
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    WebOS lives on as an open-source project, HP declares | Business Tech - CNET News

    This is SO good for WebOS!

    Think about it - we could see new Marketplaces, the pre-packaging of Homebrew, the speed up of the browser, OMG - devices everywhere running WebOS? Wouldn't that be great?

    THE MIND BOGGLES. What good news!

    Think about it this way... This is a 1.2 Billion dollar gift! LOL
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