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    Okay, I've had my Treo 180 for over 7 months now and and I can say that I love my Treo, but I have to say TMobile (Voicestream) service is the worst service I have ever encountered in my life. I have had Sprint and Verizon service before - travelled around the US for work and was satisfied overall with their services - but with TMobile... I have never had so many dropped calls and patchy service areas as I have had with them. Voicemail has been inaccessible at times. Tech support, in my experience, has been a clueless bunch. I'm so fed up with them I'm going to file a complaint with the FCC. I suggest those of you who feel the same they should file a complaint as well on the FCC website. If we don't demand excellence (or at least decent service), we will certainly not get it.

    Word of advice to those considering purchasing a Treo - avoid TMobile if you can. If you only intend to use the phone in the US, go with Sprint as your provider.
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    I'd just like to say my experience with TMO couldn't have been better. Their service was top notch, the coverage adequate and the prices fantastic. I now own a 300 but that's because of the data plan (which admittedly kicks the Germans collective rear)
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    I've had Sprint, Verizon and T-Mobile in the Fort Lauderdale FL area. In my experience here:

    Sprint phone service was terrible -- weak signal and dead spots all over. Changing direction (like after a turn while driving) often resulted in a dropped call. Customer service people were pleasant, but inept. It was impossible to call them regarding some matter and not have them screw up something else on my account.

    Verizon service was better, but still many local dead spots. Never really dealt much with customer service.

    T-Mobile service has had the best phone service of the three. Other than when deep in the bowels of certain substantial buildings, I've never hit a dead spot. It's the only one of the three services that works in my office. I've had no problems with customer service. That being said, I think their GPRS prices are criminal, and it's ludicrous to expect me to commit for another year to add "free nights" -- which is part of the same plan for people signing up now.

    Phone service seems to vary greatly by location in addition to by company and by phone model.
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    It looks like all cellular is local. What works in one area is terrible in another. My Cingular coverage was bad, my Tmobile is less bad. Tmoble's customer service doesn't know much about Treo's, but they have been pleasant enough for me to simply call them with exact instructions on what they need to do, and they do it. It's worked for me on the two problems I've had so far.
    Are there any futurists out there who've been bold enough to predict the advent of seemless, reliable cell service in these United States? And how is it really in those famous cell Mecca's of Western Europe and Japan? Any experiences out there?
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    Just goes to show you WHERE the services' have more of a presence, not HOW good the service is.

    T-Mobile, Cingular, Verizon, etc., "bid and pay" to have their service in select locations.

    In the 'prime' locations (meaning where the PROVIDER deems as prime, not where YOU live), you will find that the phone service is impeccable.

    In areas where they don't have a major presence, the service is spotty.

    In other words, you may have great service with Verizon today (and poor service with T-Mobile) but that could change next year when Verizon "gives up" some service space and T-Mobile "grabs it up".

    They usually give up the space when fewer 'new' customers sign on to the year-long contracts, not before. They've made their commission and it's time to move on. That's when the competitor's start looking (and sounding) good.

    P.S. I don't do any traveling; therefore, T-Mobile is perfect for me here in NYC - right now
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    to respond to the previous question of cell service in japan. I spent the past 3 summers in Japan mostly in the Kansai region which is made up of Osaka, Kobe, and Kyoto metopolitan areas. in most populated areas of Japan cell service is impeccable. Even in the subway I'd get a signal. Contrary to poular belief, Japan has no GSM provider at all. All use CDMA or PDC technology. I had a sony phone with built in camera and bluetooth on AU, a carrier that uses CDMA 2000 like sprint. I used a sony clié with bluetooth to surf the net at up to 288 kps. It was a cool experience as that was my only internet connection at home there. Even when I went deep into the country forests on hiking trips I could take snapshots and upload them onto the net with ease. This is where we are headed I'm sure but remember Japan is the size of California and the US is huge!
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    Uncle, the worst thing about becoming a Handspring customer when they released VisorPHone was having to deal with Voicestream, now t-mobile. Like you, I'd tried other services and VS is just about at the bottom in terms of customer service. One of the worst companies in that regard that I deal with, actually, way down at the bottom in terms of knowledge, politeness, effectiveness.
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    Originally posted by Mark Squires
    Uncle, the worst thing about becoming a Handspring customer when they released VisorPHone was having to deal with Voicestream, now t-mobile. Like you, I'd tried other services and VS is just about at the bottom in terms of customer service. One of the worst companies in that regard that I deal with, actually, way down at the bottom in terms of knowledge, politeness, effectiveness.
    Weird. Spend a few minutes in the 300 forum and you could find those same words written about Sprint customer service.
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    Never used Sprint--but I've had great experiences with just about everyone else.
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    We have 3 Treo 270's in our family and they are on T-Mobile. The service is above average and the billing is always accurate. Cellular service by nature is far from perfect, so if that's what you are using as a measuring stick, good luck.....
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    When you say service what do you mean?

    Which is to say--the phone service functions well enough. Given the youth of GSM systems in the USA I have few complaints on that score.

    The customer service, however, is incompetent, rude and clueless. The people as a group are uninformed and poorly trained. I've been forced to use T-Mobile since Visor phone debuted. Then, the excuse was that these were new things and everyone wasn't up to speed. Of course, that was just an excuse. Issues that weren't even unique to Handspring caused major problems. It took weeks and a round robin circle of phone calls just to get international roaming authorized, a 90 second transaction.

    How many T-Mobile horror stories could I tell? The list is virtually endless. At one point with VisorPhone, my ability to wirelessly access the internet suddenly stopped. This is always troublesome because it is not clear whose fault it is. VS's CSR initially referred to a higher level tech. Of course, these people are NEVER available. First problem: having to wait for a call back. Second problem: it’s almost guaranteed this will create phone tag issues. Third problem: I told them to call back during certain hours at a work land line. Instead, they called back on my cell phone, which I almost never use for incoming calls. So it was turned off. Call missed. Phone tag ensues for days.

    Fourth problem: when the tech called she left a long, cryptic message that was more or less incomprehensible. Fifth problem: what she said (i.e., that it was the fault of Handspring software) was clearly wrong. There were one of two choices, and that was not even in the running. I called back so I could try to clarify the facts and get informed assistance.

    Sixth problem: I could not even get a CSR Supervisor to put me through to another tech to discuss the issues. Even if the Tech had been right in the voicemail she left for me, the message was so cryptic that it required discussion, but all I got from this arrogant fool was “You’ve already got an answer, it’s not our fault. Call Handspring.” It was not Handspring’s fault, however, which was fairly obvious to anyone who spent some effort diagnosing the problem or knows anything about this service. Ooops. They couldn’t diagnose since they never actually bothered to speak to me. Nor could I get anyone to let me speak to them. But even though the techs had no real chance to figure out the problem without speaking to me, the CSR wouldn't let me speak to them. Catch -22.

    The incredible rudeness along the way was quite remarkable too. In particular, this supervisor to whom I spoke after the Tech left her voicemail message was a fool and an arrogant fool at that. The Tech also did not attempt to handle this matter correctly, had no idea what she was talking about, and ignored instructions on how to contact me, thus guaranteeing increased frustration.

    Oh, there's more ---more stories. And this particular story wasn't even half done. But the theme remains the same: uninformed, rude and inept personnel.

    Now, it's over a year later and on to Treo. The same issues still arise now that arose then, I see the same questions and problems posted in the Treo forums. And T-Mobile reps still are clueless and uninformed. I have to laugh when I see person after person posting threads along the lines of "I called a rep to ask .... and they said x. Then I spoke to someone else who said Y. Does anyone know what the answer is?" Well, no one at T-Mobile, that's for sure.

    They have gotten better at one thing in the last year, year and a half or so....passing the buck. They have an interesting new trick these days. Any time you call with a question they can't answer and they find out your phone is a Handspring, they give you Handspring's number and tell you to call them. Notwithstanding that the question is usually a service question and it's T-Mobile that is taking my money for service.

    Things go ok as long as you don't need help. If you need help, better pray. You're more likely to be assisted by divine intervention than someone who knows what they're doing at T-Mobile. This type of inept customer service starts at the top, of course--some companies make it a priority. Some don't.

    I love my Treo. I absolutely despise T-Mobile, one of the worst Customer service companies I have EVER dealt with. When they have full blown competition in my region, they are GONE. I will enjoy firing no one quite so much.
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    Originally posted by Mark Squires
    When you say service what do you mean?
    I was referring to customer service. Without a locational reference, to compare coverage is pointless. Customer service is fairly well standardized across location for a given company.
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    >Customer service is fairly well standardized across location for a given company.<

    Not necessarily true. That would depend on many things, including how the company is organized and who is given primary supervisory responsibility for training CSRs in each region.

    But I'm willing to believe, given all the complaints, that the service is uniformly bad.

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