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    Happy holidays everyone...

    Tis a sad tale...No email or web since Nov 25th, on my thrid treo, 3rd sim card,
    handspring 2nd tier tech and Tmobile 3 tier engineer ...and still no web access.
    dont want to go expensive...and have free isp with my ameritech DSL
    just want the &*&(%$ thing to work!


    error timed out
    please try again OX1231
    unable to bring up network

    1) talked to ameritech, handspring, tmoble 30 days no one can figure it out yet.

    2) is there a dial up patch in the new GPRS update that will help with ISP access as well...not to use GPRS but to use the patch in it.

    2) does anyone have ameritech isp and t mobile (not on gprs) that works?

    3) any other suggestions?

    Backgorund info...

    Treo 270
    Isp ameritech
    t-mobile 600 min : $39/

    Preference Settings:

    Service: ameritech .net
    User name: correct
    Password: correct
    Connection: wireless modem
    phone: local dialup with no 1 in front
    conection type ppp
    idle timeout: 3 min
    Query DNS: checked
    IP address: Automatic


    network panel: same as preference settings

    Happy holidays!

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    Try setting your dial up number to 1+area code+number. I've found that sometimes T-Mo is quirky about dialing, and using the full 11 digit number works.

    There may be other improvements for dial-up with the GPRS upgrade, but the most noticeable is a stronger signal - which may help in connecting to the network.

    Despite the shortcomings (see the other threads) the GPRS firmware improvements are definitely worth it - and you don't need to use GPRS service, you can still use your dial-up.

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    I have Ameritech DSL and use the dialup numbers to access the Internet on my Treo 270. I did this both before and after applying the GPRS update.

    I just put in the phone number and password and it goes through.

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    Your ameritech DSL works for you? what city are you in? and what email program do you use? One touch? can you tell me what settings you used?

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    data access on cingular is a separate service from voice that you have to subscribe to. without it no dial-up or fax calls will be successful. maybe it's the same with t-mobile where you need to subscribe to their data service? good luck and happy holidays to all!
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    My dial-up has not been working for the last month. I did the upgrade but don't like the current T-Mobile GPRS offerings.

    My dial-up actually goes through, but data does not get transferred on either One-Touch or Blazer. This is driving me nuts! For the longest time I was using dial-up with no problems.

    I personally think T-Mobile has done something and is trying to force me into their sucky GPRS plans. Until they have a $10 all you can eat plan like Sprint, I am not biting.

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