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    Happy Thanksgiving to the outstanding Precentral and WebOS community! By far the best online tech community!

    I hope this is not our last thanksgiving together.
    That would be incredibly heartbreaking.

    Lets be thankful for webos, and hope it survives.

    Happy Turkey Day!
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    I think the community will keep this thing alive for some time to come regardless of what happens. :-) Having only recently discovered the joys of webOS I'm thankful that I had the opportunity to lay my hands on a Touchpad when I did, among many, many other things. Hoping to become a Veer owner shortly as well. Happy Thanksgiving to all!
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    the community will probably live on- see how long treocentral lasted...

    but if hp shuts off their palm servers, only those that follow webosinternals emergency backup options will still be here.

    praying for a positive outcome!
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    Happy thanksgiving ,que sera,sera.

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