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    It strikes me that the device can still be pretty useful for little things here and there even without an outright dataplan. So what patches and apps should I apply here to make the most of my device now that the iPhone has replaced most of its functionality in my day to day.

    If possible one of the things I really wanna do is set it up as a wifi only google voice device... google voice now rings directly to my gTalk, can it be setup to ring to the pre- if something is installed? The gVoice apps ive looked at dont seem to make it possible.

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    should I have posted this in a different area? seems like people would have considered this at some point
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    You can use Linphone (search around here in the forums for it), but it's not an especially desireable solution, if you're already carrying an iPhone, there are far better VoIP softwares for iPhone than that.

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