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    As Palm bidding continues, HP wants a sweet deal to keep webOS in printers (exclusive) | VentureBeat

    For some strange reason, HP is still really hot on the idea of mating webOS with its printers to the point where it has become a crucial part of its negotiations to sell off its Palm assets.
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    but the only real advantage to having something like webos on a printer would have been to leverage a larger ecosystem of apps and devices along with the printer itself.

    for example, you could have an advanced photo printing app that allows selection and manipulation of a photos on a large touchscreen - premium printers would have such a touch-screen and webos on-device, while perhaps a low-cost printer would interface to the exact same app running on another webos device like a touchpad or phone.

    what's the point of webos on a printer if the printer alone is the whole ecosystem?
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    HP already have printers with tablets onboard. webOS would be a better choice than their current OS on those tablets.
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    If webOS fall significant in value maybe precentral can buy it
    How many members we have?

    Even in printer I bet hp still can't do right using webOS.
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