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    As soon as the Treo 300 drops to $300 or less I plan on picking one up. I know Amazon has them for $299 after rebates but I want to get one from a local store.

    Question is: What's next for the Treo line? Bluetooth? SD slot? Palm OS5?

    I guess we will not hear anything until after Christmas as to not hurt sales of the current line.

    What do you guys think?

    Thanks for watching! We'll see you next week.
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    I think you should go and get one from Amazon. Why do you insist on a store? If it breaks, you still have to send to Handspring regardless of the place from which you buy it.
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    Well actually I want to get it from BestBuy. I have a broken cell phone I bought there with a 2 year product protection plan. It cost me $200 so if I can get the credit towards another phone I will use it for a Treo when they drop the price and only have to pay 100 bucks.

    That's the plan anyway.

    Thanks for watching! We'll see you next week.

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