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    I had a 180, liked it alot. I have a 300, I like it a whole lot more! I've used it in the field. Tracked several major projects with it. It's great! It is a mobile office, and it works.
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    To the Complainers:

    To the folks with problems, you keep posting that your machines are lemons BUT that HS is doing all it can to help. I do not see a legal issue. Have you asked for your money back?

    To the Complainers about the Complainers:

    To the folks complaining aboout the complainers. Whats' YOUR problem? If you aren't interested in the thread don't read it!
    Personally, I value this sort of thread... how else am I to learn about problems I might have?

    Personal experience:

    I have been in just the position of the complainers in re another product. The forum was on CServe and was hosted by the company. They censored mine and others comments. I am glad TC is independent!
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    After having many pda's and cell phones I'm very happy with my Treo 300... however the very first thing I realized was how fragile it is... I immediately signed up for the insurance (replacement) plan - I just hope I don't exceed the 2 replacements per year! I can imagine how many parts will fly out of it when I drop it for the first time.

    I might also be wrong - but I don't depend on any mobile device for my business - nor do I depend on email - or a cell phone. And yes, I do use all of them all day long but let's be realistic - networks go down, cell phones go out of coverage etc.. etc.. I consider all these gadgets as 'icing on the cake' that makes my life easier for the most part -but not always.
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    WADR to the fragilistas ... and a lot of concern, I have dropped mine a copuple of times w/o problems.

    One suggestion: the Krusell case ... I have had it all along and it is easy to se and may be why I have had no problems.
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    I think many people are sick of constantly sending their treos in for repair/replacement. It isn't an issue of whether Handspring is willing to replace bad ones (which they are, for a fee) but what pisses me off is that Handspring is doing nothing to try to permanently remedy the situation. The new ones they are sending out still suffer from the same breakdowns as the original ones! I would think that a company as big as Handspring would try to fix the design flaws that cause these problems instead of constantly replacing them...

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    Ok ..

    However, the thread has to do with a class action suit.

    As for your complaint, it is hard to know from your complaint how many folks are in your shoes. I have not had problems. You may be extremely unlucky.

    Have you asked them to refund your money?
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    "As for your complaint, it is hard to know from your complaint how many folks are in your shoes."

    Many people are having problems, an isolated problem wouldn't make much of a class action suit. I think Viper is correct, the frustration lies in the fact that all the replacements are also defective. It gets frustrating. I did not bring up the subject of a refund with Handspring until a few days ago. I did try to opt for a 270 with me paying the difference and they refused. It has not been my ambition to get anything out of Handspring except for a reliable product. If they sell it, it should be useful. I don't buy into the early adopter excuse. Especially when it comes to speakers, we have had phone speakers for a 100 years or so. Cutting edge? Bah! I urge you to take a quik run through the many, many, threads at this site that complain of multiple Treo failures. They mostly have to do with 180 speaker isues and 270 screen issues. Though there also seem to be issues with unit death after the gprs upgrade etc etc etc. There are some poor souls out there who have had various multiple failures on a variety of models.
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    Technology is a funny thing, but you do have a choice: embrace it or leave it. The Treo is a wonderful idea to bridge the phone with the digital world. It is an imperfect bridge but all bridges are. You take a chance with a Treo as you do when you cross the road, or take the bus or embark on a new technology. Enough said…
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    The comments about 270's steered me away from it. If it was t-mobile/cingular that offered $10/month unlimited data and not sprint, I would have gotten the ppcpe. Since sprint has the unlimited $10/month data, and I did not read similar quality issues with the 300, I chose that to replace my aged 6035.

    I use my 300 at work, for work and why shouldn't I? I don't need a $500 toy, however I can use a $500 mobile data assistant to keep track of things. I expect a certain level of functionality out of a $500 gadget. My $149 Palm IIIe never let me down, neither did my $499 6035, and so far neither has my 300 let me down.

    Instead of a class action lawsuit, people in the usa should just boycott the 180/270 and buy the 300.
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    I feel really badly for those of you who have had 5 treos. Wow, I would be super frustrated and would have demanded a refund long ago. Yikes!

    With that said, do you think it could be a 270 issue? I have a 300 and it seems to lack some of the design issues you mentioned on the 270 - i.e. the headset jack is not part of the hinge.

    Personally, I love the 300 and have had no problems what so ever. Sure, I wish HS had done somethings differently, but mostly software (like included the freeware patches to enable outgoing sms and the three instant messanger clients) but those are easy enough to download - but probably not for the novice users.

    What other device will let me:

    1) talk on the phone
    2) collect and send e-mail
    3) connect to my laptop to provide unlimited access to internet via the Vision network for only $10 a month (awesome)
    4) integrate with my palm functions
    5) work with MS office documents better than Pocket PC (with Documents to Go)
    6) let me instant message back and forth with MSN, Yahoo, AIM, and ICQ

    Will I be using this device in 3 years? No. Will I be using something that took it's capabilities and built on them? Yes.

    Will some still get stuck with 5 lemons when they try the new device? I sure hope not, but it is probably more likely than not...

    I doubt you'd be interested, but before you give up, you might want to try the 300... But that would mean switching to Sprint and while their rates (especially data) kick ****, they have their own problems as well...

    Good luck my friends.
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    Originally posted by varoomba
    Personally, I love the 300 and have had no problems what so ever. Sure, I wish HS had done somethings differently, but mostly software (like included the freeware patches to enable outgoing sms and the three instant messanger clients) but those are easy enough to download - but probably not for the novice users.
    Actually those are not freeware. Treo300SMS is $20 and if you are referring to Verichat, it's going to cost money too. If you want three seperate clients, they perhaps are free, but Verichat is supreme!
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    Yes, you're right Kurt. (Technically, it sounds like Sprint will credit you the $20 paid for treo300sms if you request it from the Vision customer service [not regular customer service]. Some users posting on these boards have had success but I haven't taken the time to try.)

    I also agree with you that VeriChat is great. Simple and powerful and easy!
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    Hello, I am new to the disscussion board thing. But I am wondering if anyone is been having problems getting Handspring to replace a defective Treo 270. I have been dealing with customer service for over 3 days now on trying to solve a GPRS/Blazer failure on my phone which is serviced thru T-mobile. I do have the extended service plan, but Handspring support keeps sending me to a level 2 tech to try and "trouble shoot" problem. I have been patient and tried to work with them, but, I really think I need a replacement.

    So my question goes out to those who were able to get replacements "Any suggestions on how I can stop the failed troubleshooting and get a replacement?"

    Thanks in advance for your help
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    What's the problem? We might be able to help you solve it or give you other useful information.
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    Originally posted by Michigan
    So my question goes out to those who were able to get replacements "Any suggestions on how I can stop the failed troubleshooting and get a replacement?"

    Thanks in advance for your help
    LOL, tell them the speaker is broken
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    Thanks to all of you who were willing to help me with my Treo 270 phone problem. My 270 unit was unable to hook up to the GPRS system to get internet information via Blazer.

    I don't know if it was my incomptence or if they just got tired of dealing with me but they have agreed to send me out a new phone.

    Thanks to all,
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    I think this will only work for the Treo 180.

    GPRS/Blazer connection issues is not a hardware issue. This is why Handspring Tech refused to do the replacement. I am willing to bet that we would be able to figure out what the problem is had he posted the details here.

    Originally posted by jchristopher

    LOL, tell them the speaker is broken
    My life is in my Treo... Where is yours?
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    I think its unfortunate that some users have had to go thru multiple units and the burdens of the returns/lost data - whatever..... SO far, I've been lucky (Treo300 - which was a trade off from very occasional need for international coverage that the 270 would have provided).

    For me, there is no one perfect unit, but I have to say that pound for pound, all in, Handspring is still quite ahead of the pack in terms of overall functionality in a device. I really checked the market before I made the plunge. There will always be a better device in the future - but for now, the Treo is the best solution for me. Of course I'd like a few other features, but willing to 'settle' for the very well designed capabilities that the Treo offers. From what I've read on the forums, Handspring will make good on the returns. Of course it does reach a point of being disgusted with having so many issues. Sorry to read that..... however, if my experience continues, Handspring will continue to get my vote as a pioneer that launched a product well in advance of its competition. I love my Treo.........
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    Originally posted by mu23
    One can easily determine that this is no small problem and has hurt a sizable percentage of Treo buyers. If it is "shameful" to complain about being one of hundreds, perhaps thousands, of people who have been sold a bad product, then I will wear that badge with honor. Indeed, if it is a virtue to be snookered by corporations, I will endeaver to live as "shameful" a life as possible.
    I agree. Remember that not only do companies such as HS sell a defective product in the first place, but they send out known (i.e. previously returned) defective items as replacements. Again and again. And heaven help the poor fool who didn't originally buy the thing retail. My Pocket PC Phone Edition was replaced three times in an attempt to get one that always answered and didn't regularly lose signal. I was eventally told by T-Mobile's customer service that since I didn't buy the thing retail I could not expect to be sent a new phone as replacement. So after getting a series of previously returned phones as replacements, I gave up. I sold the phone, which cost me almost $500, for $275 on eBay. I couldn't in good conscience sell it as anything but AS-IS. When I received the first Treo replacement, it went immediately onto eBay before it was even a day old. It is unconscionable to me that a company -- any company -- would treat its customers this way.
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    Well, I'm now on Treo 180 replacement unit number five in about a year and that is it for me. Got the latest replacement in late January and it survived until mid-March. Horrible, horrible product in my opinion, and I will be very reluctant to ever go back to a Handspring product. The replacement Treo is going up on Ebay, and my Blackberry 6710 comes in on Monday, and I can't wait to switch.
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