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    Hi all,
    Anybody know the maximum number of contacts for the address book? Or maybe an estimate on how many per MB of RAM?
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    I belive the only limit to the number of contacts is the available RAM. As far as capacity, my address book has 319 contacts and is about 27kB. This may not be an accurate estimate, because the majority of my contacts are simply name and phone number.

    Let's put it this way...if you have to worry about filling up your Treo's memory with contacts, you have way, way too many. (Unless you are an editor for the Yellow Pages )

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    One million, three hundred sixty-two thousand and four
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    Originally posted by Appleman
    One million, three hundred sixty-two thousand and four
    Damn.... I've got 1,362,005 contacts. I guess I'll have to delete my mother-in-law.

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    Awww shucks, how are you ever going to live with that decision?
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    I have 1,344 records (with name, company, address, numbers, sometimes home address, etc.) and the db file is a bit over 246K.

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