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    Article from Palm InfoCenter states this.

    Discuss amongst yourselves.......
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    This was actually the phone I wanted before I got my Treo 300.

    But it was delayed and delayed... and who knows when for Sprint it will be out.

    The main reason I wanted it over the Treo is the SD slot.

    However, now that I've used the Treo..and you can see the screen when the flip is closed, and can put a pic with the screen when it rings, AND you can see the phone directory and other things without opening it up... I'm leary to think of getting the 7135.

    It's got a TINY lcd on top... black and white and just one line text I believe. No picture can go on that.

    No LCD viewable when the flip is closed.

    I think I'll wait until they come out with a faster one with LCD viewable or at least an outside LCD for caller pictures. I don't think I'd want to be without the LCD viewable.
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    What about the keyboard? That is the biggest deal for me.
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    I'm really looking forward to seeing what Handspring has up their sleeves. While I have no inside information (honest!) I have confidence that they'll match the Kyocera in drool-worthiness. My fantasies include OS5 and a decent ARM processor. With OS5 they can do some really cool stuff with polyphonic ringtones for everyone (not just CDMA users), mp3 playback (or ogg/vorbis ;-), high-res, voice dialing, etc. They also know that an expansion slot is a necessity, even if only for backup when away from the PC, but also in OS5 for multimedia entertainment. The list goes on. I'm personally in love with the Treo's keyboard, and while the Kyocera is dripping with great features (swappable battery packs!), it lacks the qwerty keyboard like the Treo. If everything else were the same, but with the Treo form factor and keyboard, it would be a smash hit. I believe it will do very well anyway, but not as well as a similarly feature packed Treo will do.

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    In agree with everything, but I also want bluetooth, so I can have the kewl wireless headsets without the bulk of an adapter.

    And a Bluetooth SD card isn't the answer, needs to be built in.
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    Originally posted by Appleman
    What about the keyboard? That is the biggest deal for me.
    Oh yeah! That too!!!!
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    Originally posted by Appleman
    And a Bluetooth SD card isn't the answer, needs to be built in.
    I agree, and it may be closer...

    I read today on CNet that Bluetooth chipsets are around $20 each... room to go lower, but including it now isn't a "break the bank" feature...
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    I was on Verizon with the 6035 just waiting on the 7135, but with the delay's, and Sprint coming out with the Unlimited Vision I became a "switcher" and bought the 300. Even with the SD slot, MP3, higher res screen and OS 4.1 the Treo is still the winner with it's keyboard and forum factor.
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    it's not high-res by palm definitions, it's high-res by phone definitions. It's just 160x160 color. nothing really special about the screen as far as I know.
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    Yup - I just received the notice of availability from Kyocera. It's first offering is through Alltel ! That's quite a surprise. Price is $649 less $100 incentive thru year end. Their plans are not as generous as others, especially Sprint's. I agree that Handspring needs to respond to this latest offering. Now that its a reality, you can't ignore it, but need to equal or go one better. One things for sure, the landscape will keep changing.
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    Unfortunately Kyocera missed their market window. When Hand mentions that they are working on an OS 5 design, the 7135 goes from exciting futureware to "ho hum" in record time. With the new OS 5 phone occupying the $5-$600 price range, the Treo 300 will probably be sold for $300-$350, I would suggest $333 might resonate. The 7135 can simply not compete with a strong offering in that price range. It doesn't look to me that the Kyocera 7135 will emerge as a major player.
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    It looks great, but needs a hi res screen. 160 x 160 just won't cut it for me at that price. I looked at a Tungston streen today - VERY cool hi res screen.

    I just want a Treo 270, Prism brightness, with a hi res screen. Hopefully, I'll get most of that in the next Handspring device.

    Oh, and I don't want it to cost as much as a new computer.

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