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    I have a 180 and have always felt the biggest issue with the phone is the volume of the ringer and the vibrator. After yet another missed call, I made a little modification. I opened the case and taped an insulated (coated) paper clip to the back of the vibrator which is attached to the back of the case. Closed 'er up and the vibration is much stronger.
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    Not a bad idea. I think I will give it a try. My old Nokia 8390 used to shake itself off the table, the Treo I have missed a call when it was right next to me.
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    I just got a Treo 270 to replace my 180 (damn non-backlit keyboard.)

    I was at a movie this week, and for the first time, I felt my Treo vibrate, instead of heard it.

    With all (three) of my 180s, I wouldn't hear the ringing, or feel the vibrating - I would hear the vibrating and that's how I would know my phone was ringing.

    The 270 vibration seems to be better than the 180, at least for the one I got.

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