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    Now this is a neat "feature" if I can figure out how it works. I was changing a contact address and I went to type in the City, and well, it took a guess and autocompleted it! It's different than the normal method, where you must hit a space first. In this case, it filled in the whole city name and left the part which was autocompleted as yellow (selected).

    I tried some more, but couldn't get it to work reliably. Not sure if it is based on a zip code or state name or what.
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    Read the manual---there is a feature in the address book which looks at other similar entries and tries to be helpful by autocompleting City, State and Zip Codes. This is based on other entries you already have, and not on a built in directory. Use the bottom rocker button to accept and jump to the next field.
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    Ah ok thanks. Can't find it in the manual though. Any idea what they call it? I've searched on every term I can think of and skimmed every chapter related to contacts and can't find it.
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    Funny--I thought it was in the manual. Maybe it is a carry-over from old Palm address book/phonebook info (it was on my Visor Platinum).
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    It also auto completes "Company."
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    Actually it auto compeltes all fields, but since it works only based on entries you have made through the treo.

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    What program are you talking about? I have the Treo 300 and it doesn't complete anything.
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    auto complete has been there since the first visor i think.. maybe even palm os 3.0 - it only completes things you have already typed in before though.
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    How do you stop it!! It's driving me crazy!
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    I don't think it can be toggled. A quick search of the manual turns up nothing. I think it's a prevalent feature of Contacts.
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    This was in since OS v3.1. It may be annoying, but you can type over it to complete the word if the one auto copleted is wrong.
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