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    They've already stated QNX won't even have an email client until 2012. 2012! QNX is deader than WebOS. I don't know whether it's a coincidence of timing or not, but RIM certainly has an emergency on their hands.

    Unfortunately I think the market will blast them if they were to adopt WebOS. Maybe -- maybe -- they could do a partnership with HP where they produce the phones and HP produces the tablets, and the OS is a collaboration. Long shot though.
    I don't know about what problems RIM has with QNX, but buying yet another OS? That would be a bold move, I just can't imagine it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by phillyeagles36 View Post
    The result of this meeting: webOS will either be sold, re-born, or killed "in the coming months."

    As predicted
    Palm Pre ----> Palm Pre Plus ----> Palm Pre 2---->HP TouchPad---->HP Pre 3!!!
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    so.. basically they had an important meeting to say they have no idea what to do.
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    if hp went bankrupt at this point i wouldn't even shed a tear.
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    Quote Originally Posted by phillyeagles36 View Post
    That's not a prediction, it's more like an answer to a multiple choice question that has more than one correct answer. If you want to claim foresight to a future outcome pick one of the three and stick with it.
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