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    HP mulling deal to unload WebOS, report says | Mobile - CNET News

    While Reuters doesn't identify who the potential buyer might be, it does note that the sales price would be well below the $1.2 billion that HP paid for Palm.
    HP representatives did not respond to a request for comment on the report.
    The mobile platform's future has been in limbo since then-CEO Leo Apotheker announced during an August earnings call that the company would discontinue operations for WebOS devices, specifically the TouchPad and WebOS phones. His proposal was to transform the company from a consumer electronics product manufacturer to a business-class software and consulting services provider.

    And to eliminate the remaining inventory of unsold HP TouchPads, the company dramatically slashed prices on the tablet computer, creating what became a runaway bestseller.
    However, the decision on what to do with the unit has been up in the air since the company's board ousted Apotheker and replaced him with former eBay CEO Meg Whitman. Apotheker announced during the same call that the company was considering spinning off its personal computer business--a strategy that Whitman has already vetoed.

    On the heels of that reversal, and the instant popularity of HP's tablet, there has been some speculation the company might also decide to keep its WebOS business, which HP bought as part of Palm in July 2010. However, the platform was never a commercial success. Despite critical praise, the operating system failed to gain traction in the crowded mobile OS market.
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    I am not sure if anyone posted about this ... But, enjoy!

    Exclusive: HP weighing sale of webOS unit | Reuters

    The rumor is stating that they are evaluating the possibility of selling the webOS for hundreds of millions of dollars ... Meh I say! ... Meh!
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    A slow news day at C|Net then?

    This has been common knowledge for a while now and has even had a number of articles on the P|C front page of the recent months.
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    Yes.. that tends to happen doesn't it, when there is no real 'News'.. the old 'News' simply gets recycled with a mildly different 'flavour' attached to it?

    None the less, I hope that stories such as this do in fact help stimulate a new and responsible 'parent' for WebOS.

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    Have a look at this Hewlett-Packard Weighing Sale Of WebOS Unit | Fox Business

    Nice list of contenders. Shame about the source being Fox!
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    Let's raise funds ourselves, buy it, and give it to webos-internals as a gift!
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    Quote Originally Posted by jcmarcos View Post
    Let's raise funds ourselves, buy it, and give it to webos-internals as a gift!
    I would want to know more about the landscape after such a thing, but if this were possible, I'd donate to the cause.

    Of course, anyone that had a real interest in digging webOS from the grave and put it on hardware, creating a climate where Homebrew was welcomed would be great.
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    I wish I could raise the funds myself and keep WebOS alive, but it's not just a simple process of buying the operating system. What about all of the employees who created this product and keeping it going - do I have responsibility for them and their wages/pension/benefits? Will they all move to Florida if I buy WebOS to come live in my spare room?

    Are they still developing new ways to make WebOS even better? What about the sales people and advertising division? Does the price tag mean that I have exclusive rights to do with it whatever I want?

    I can put up $50 towards the deal.
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    I would be very curious to see who, if anyone, would want to buy WebOS at this point. Honestly I only see someone buying them for their patents and (unfortunately) not because they want to keep the OS alive.
    The mobile market right now seems to be locked up with Android, iOS, and to a lesser extent WP7 and RIM. I see few companies having the resources and patience to go up against those players in the mobile world. Maybe in embedded devices someone could see the benefits if WebOS, but I kind of doubt it.
    The only players that I could see are Sony or HTC but there are few good reasons that either one of them would step away from Android. I also could have maybe see Amazon or Barnes & Noble being interested in WebOS to power their respective devices as both companies seem to be expanding beyond just basic ereaders and moving into actual tablets. WebOS would have actually been a good fit for Amazon since they could lock down the OS and pretty much force you to buy stuff from them but with their latest product releases its clear that they rather go the skinned-Android route.
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    How many webOS customers are out there? Counting all the smartphones and Touchpads,
    I'd say at least more than 4 million, right?

    Let's be creative and buy webOS using our own money. It can be the first-ever
    customer-owned mobile operating system in the world! Each of the four
    milllionen customer pays $100 and you have 400 million. HP will probably not
    take such a lowball offer, but who know.... $400,000,000 is still $400,000,000

    (edit: updated to 4 million... since another thread said there are 4+ millino
    webOS users)
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    How about passing around some of what you are smoking.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Wheel_nut View Post
    How about passing around some of what you are smoking.
    it's the same stuff Leo was smoking when he decided to unload Touchpads.

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