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    I got my 180g about 6 weeks after they first came out. I remember at the time that there were a fair amount of silent alarm failures--apprently the thing would vibrate so violently that internal parts would shake loose.

    Ever since seeing those posts way back when, I've studiously avoided using the silent mode. But I haven't heard of any problems people have had--if any--with silent mode and the vibrator since then.

    Do people use silent mode regularly? Has anyone noticed a pattern of vibrator problems (all puns aside) lately? Are my fears irrational?

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    I've used my silent feature since the day I got my 270 with no ill effects. The speaker is too low to rely totally on the sound when you're in any kind of loud environment.
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    I've used the silent mode almost every day without a problem for about a month since I purchased a Treo 300. I agree with the previous poster, the alarm especially with the Treo in the case, is a bit too low.

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