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    H.P. Builds Servers With Cellphone Chips

    H.P. Builds Servers With Cellphone Chips -

    Hewlett-Packard announced on Tuesday a new design for some of the world’s largest computer centers and says it could reduce power consumption in some cases by 90 percent.

    The design, called Project Moonshot, replaces the conventional microprocessors used in computer servers with the kind of chips used in cellphones and notebook computers. These mobile chips, which have usually run on small batteries, are designed as power misers, shutting down some inessential tasks and slowing others when placing calls or reaching the Web.
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    The usual, expected "jump to ARM", as foreseen by many technicians. It sounds like a safe bet even more now, that ARM has started a 64 bit product line. So no genius involved in this decision, it's just another case of "me too, if my competition does".

    Now, compare product life cycle between consumer devicss and servers, and imagine a long, long twisted road for these "new breed" (there's nothing new, the operatings systems HAVE to be the same) of servers, that will offer less power (today's x86 server chips are clever) with a huge bunch of technical challenges the customer has to meet - in order to do the exact same things they are already doing.

    Not to mention server processors can indeed do power reduction when not in full use.

    Knowing this, would you swich your whole server resources now, or in the near future? This is the kind of move that demands that customers are unaware of technical aspects. But that's what moves the whole industry.
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    There you have it:

    HP and Calxeda's Moonshot ARM servers will bring all the boys to the yard (video) -- Engadget

    As expected, HP hasn't done a thing in this, it's just putting its brand onto someone else's job.

    "These new units are so efficient that a four core version, packing 4GB DRAM, consumes just five watts"

    MUAHAHAHA. Impossible. Such an amount of RAM, just by itself, consumes a lot of electricity.
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    ARM doesn't necessarily mean phone chips... it's an architecture. Talk about misinformation.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ToniCipriani View Post
    ARM doesn't necessarily mean phone chips... it's an architecture. Talk about misinformation.

    What it means to a non-technical reader and to a tech savvy reader is two pretty different things.

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