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    Short story - my Treo speaker died, they are replacing it.

    Long story - I sent them a support email. They sent me back the following:

    "Thank you for contacting Handspring Technical Support. We understand
    your Treo speaker does not work. Your problem here is either a minor
    Palm OS
    issue or the hardware is defective. Here is how you can troubleshoot

    1. Start a voice call but have the Treo's flip lid nearly closed with
    only a
    half inch or so of a gap between the bottom of the flip lid its normal
    resting place near the silver scrolling keys. If you hear sound coming
    of the speaker now, open the flip lid completely and see if the sound
    continues. If the speaker only works via this method, you still need a
    replacement Treo."

    So obviously, they are painfully aware of the problem, since they know the exact symptoms to reproduce it. (Hold the Treo open about 1/2" makes the speaker work, open it all the way and the speaker fails.)
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    I'm on my second model, brand new.

    They should've already change the normal speaker wires (most probably normal copper) to the ribbon style cable that works and can be found in any flip or clam shell phones.

    This thing is already a standard all stuffs with the same flip design..You can even find this thing on those cheap clam shell calculators for goodness sake.

    Handspring if you're reading this, DO IT!
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    had the same problem they told me that the unit still thinks it is using a headset. the connector switch may be jammed . they gave me a claim number and told me to take the headset jack in and out of the connector over and over again . tried that and still does not work they are now sending my 3rd replacement unit.

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    I'm on my FOURTH Treo 180 all because of bad speakers. The sad thing is I just ordered a 270 because I need a reliable pda/phone. I always bought Palm's in the past and will go back to them or Sony the first chance I get. These Treo's should be fixed by now and they also should have been recalled. People are often curious about my Treo and it used to pain me to tell people that the Treo is junk, but lately I have been getting a real sense of joy out of warning people about such a bad product.

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