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    You've all been asking the question... You've all been waiting patiently and some, well... not so patiently. Let me be the second to say this application is NOT vapor and certainly the best thing since sliced bread, the invention of electricity and the discovery of the opposite (or sometimes, same) sex. So, depending on where you are and what you want from your Treo, you are sure to find it in VeriChat, so here is a partial list of features and some additional information:

    1) Complete support of Yahoo, AOL and MSN protocols natively. Each will graphically display buddy list member status and allow you to select your own status for each service independantly of the others.

    2) Offline/standby message support built-in which means that if you are using another application, the phone, etc., you will be able to still show as "online" and receive messages. You can then immediately respond to those messages with a "quick reply" or start a "chat" session, however, you cannot do either if you are still on the phone - this is a limitation of the Treo, not the application.

    3) Very responsive - the application response is immediate. I have tested it using test accounts on the Yahoo service and within 1 second, appeared online and received/sent messages.

    4) Very stable: Crashes appear non-existant

    5) User interface is still undergoing design, but is far from clumsy. While it could use some "touches" of both color and some additional usability tweaks, it is FAR from horrible and just a marginal step under "Great."

    6) Typical PDAApps support comes with it - they are amazingly responsive and have no other agenda than to make their apps work properly.

    7) Setup is flawless and foolproof. I completed mine without any documentation or help from the folks at PDAApps. It's secure, so during setup you will receive a 5 digit security code to validate who you are and your phone number. I'm sure the pranksters of the world are going to HATE the fact that they can't harass people with unsolicited or SPAM SMS via IM. I believe AOL has that cornered, but hey - maybe it's just me.

    8) Keyboard support is GREAT. You can pretty much eliminate the use of the stylus altogether.

    Things we would like to see, but by no means make this unusable:

    1) Support for multiple profiles: This would probably make the application size larger, and with a sub 90k footprint right now, I can do without it. Amazing what these guys have crammed into 90k from a functionality, stability and usability perspective.

    2) Ability to turn on a logging feature and ultimately sync those logged sessions to the desktop.

    3) Group Chat

    4) Custom status messages while "on the go"

    5) Ability to support "nicknames" for your buddies in the main display window

    Summary: All-in-all, the application is one of the best I've ever used. It's display is nicely laid out, clear and far from busy. Functionality is maximized with a minimized memory footprint. It's quick, stable and appears to integrate nicely into the Treo. I have yet to find a quirk that is a showstopper and PDAApps seems responsive and willing to fix anything that does crop up. I will be shelling out the bucks to purchase this app when they do a final release as will many others.

    So... this application gets TWO thumbs way Way WAY up.
    Lee Ladisky
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    Originally posted by Leeladisky
    You can then immediately respond to those messages with a "quick reply" or start a "chat" session, however, you cannot do either if you are still on the phone - this is a limitation of the Treo, not the application.
    Sending the "quick reply" should be possible with the Treo 180 and 270. Those devices can send SMS messages while on the phone, so it seems like this should work. I haven't tested it to make sure, but It should be possible.

    With that in mind, a feature I would like to see is basically the ability to do everything via SMS - that is, go into the application and chat, while on the phone. Currently, you initially have to connect via standard TCP/IP. Obviously, this is not possible on the Treo 300, though.

    Also, I would like the ability to not have it automatically connect when the application is launched, but instead let connect once inside.

    One more thing, I'd like the option of not deleting the SMS messages from the SMS Inbox. This way I can use Cell Plan Tracker to keep track of how many I've used.
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    Originally posted by Leeladisky
    2) Ability to turn on a logging feature and ultimately sync those logged sessions to the desktop.
    Logging would be great! It's one of my peeves with the regular PC IM software. I always seem to nuke my conversations before logging them and then I'm left with nothing to refer back. That's why email communications has been much better for me with important subjects.

    The design of Verichat is excellent. It's so much more robust than a strictly device-based application could ever be. No more monkeying with a battery-sucking UI just to stay "online". I especially like the SMS popups and doing the quick replies. I wish the whole app could work via a popup like that.

    I LOVE that you can now send offline messages. I'll never have to use the phone again
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    Will PDAapps be supporting international users?

    In the registration form for the beta that I filled in (didn't get to test it), the telephone number field did not accept an international "+" symbol and I had to enter the US int'l code "011" for the form to accept my request. There was a field for my phone's email address though which means that if IM notifications are sent there I will receive it as an SMS.

    Does anyone know the answer to this?
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    It all works on SMS...very slick
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    Any word at all on a target release date?
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    Any of you guys have knowledge if the application connects via GPRS, CSD, SMS or is it selectable?
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    my guess is that it uses whatever you have in the network prefs. My 270 uses GPRS via Tmobile, but it's just locked in. So for whatever app im using to get online, they all use what youve got set up. If you got a 300, it should know to connect using vision, cause everything else would too. I haven't had a use for dial up since upgrading to GPRS, so I wouldn't know but it probably works, because verichat servers keep showing you online, even if you lose the data connection. I don't know about the sms part for a 300, but the 270 gets a sms notification when someone sends an IM to me. I can quickreply, or open chat window. very nice and easy. It's just hard learning to keep up on the treo. Grafitti can have errors, and now that I installed keycapshack, it's hard to type quickly on the keyboard. Still getting used to it. Hope my rant helped

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    man i want this beta
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    Originally posted by Alli
    It all works on SMS...very slick
    No, it doesn't all work on SMS. It uses the default network connection when you are in verichat. Once you exit it, you get SMS's when people send you messages. When your treo receives an SMS-encoded instant message, you are presented with 3 choices: "quick response" which sends a response via SMS, "chat" which takes you into verichat to have a conversation, or ignore.

    Amazing... The mix of GPRS and SMS makes this a perfect solution!!!

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