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    I want it to be sold, maybe to Sony, but if HP keeps WebOS it is doomed to fail. Honestly Nikon would be better. Imagine a camera with ability to autoload your pictures to your online private photo album. If Nikon gets into the smartphone business, it be cool if all your photos made on your camera and visa versa, are accessible by each device and of course online. Nikon really could change things up going into the smartphone business. If they bought WebOS, I would kill the name.

    Anyway, what do you want to be done with WebOS?
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    I said it when Palm was for sale, and I'll say it now; I wish Apple would buy it.

    Even though Apple doesn't need Palm or webOS for anything other than the patents, I think if they bought it, a few features of webOS would have ended up in iOS. Things like Synergy, Cards multitasking & maybe gestures would have been sweet in iOS, along with 500,000+ apps, and that is a sweet combination.

    But oh well, at this point who knows what will happen.
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    I still haven't 100% given up on Amiga, so I'm sure I'll be championing webOS (in spirit, at least) for some time to come
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    Quote Originally Posted by Smartfah View Post
    I wish Apple would buy it. [Ö] a few features of webOS would have ended up in iOS. [Ö] and that is a sweet combination.
    I donít think Apple would be reinventing iOS this much. It would just be to get webOS out of their way. And you would still be in the Apple trap and their policiy of keeping faults and bugs out of public conversation.
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    As I have said before, I would like to see webOS open sourced.

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    Survival and Apps, thats all it will ever need.
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    Right now I will settle for resolution. I am sick of this game going on. I obviously want it to continue and grow and thrive, and am happy I own two TPs and a Veer, but frankly I have all but given up on any of those things. I hope I am wrong, but at the very least stop stringing us along and creating new hope or whatever and just decide it's fate once and for all.
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    Wish HP come to its sense and see the real gem they have in the hands and make something out of it. WebOS is the real saying "a diamond in the rough". Hp has the hardware and software to make WebOS a powerhouse and a strong 3rd between iOS and android.

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