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    Got my Treo about 2 weeks ago. Love it. Had some complaints regarding software. Getting used to some, resolved some through downloaded software, still searching to resolve the following:

    1. No repeat SMS notification. You get a beep and that's it. If you miss the beep for some reason, you won't know you have a message until you open your Treo. I'm surprised it could be this stupid. There's a $10 software to fix it, but don't think this is worth $10.

    2. Most apps don't show status or give you a way to check status. The things I'm interested in are time, GPRS status, battery. Found a freeware to show time and battery inside an app but it requires a dedicated button to activate. I'd like it to be activated by a stylus stroke or some combination of key presses. The status I care the most is GPRS. Haven't found anything for that yet.

    3. Yahoo IM. Don't know why Yahoo doesn't want to support Palm. Tried the UK version, but it disconnects right after showing friends list. I only want yaoo at this point.
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    1) Yes, you would need TreoAlertMgr for this.

    2) I don't think there are any hacks to always show the wireless status within the apps.

    3) It boggles the mind why Yahoo drop support of the palm client. However, good news is that there is a beta of Verichat right now from PDAapps that supports Yahoo, MSN, AIM and soon ICQ.
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    Have used webmessenger for a few days now. Works with YAHOO. And it's free. And it works with AOL and MSN. Surprised that nobody knows about it. I searched hard for a Yahoo messenger client for Treo but didn't find one. Finally found webmessenger in a Blackberry board.

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