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    Today press conference was a big disappointment in my perspective. Very interesting HP will keep its PC division instant because someone with a brain told the newly CEO(which clearly is not a smart one) that spinning-off that side of business will cost them too much money in the long run. ***Clapping*** SMART REALLY!!!!!


    No news still out of WebOS, and the laughable thing is that more months we have to wait until they could come to some conclusions on what they will do on the WebOS grounds. Couldn't a decision come the same way it was decided not to spin-off their PC division today. I don't comprehend HP, they taking so long to pick-up WebOS again and support that platform with new hardware and future software developments. Whitman said HP "needed to make a more holistic" decision regarding the mobile OS it acquired from Palm last year for $1.3 billion. How long the decision will take before we get the idea that the company is slowly abandoning the platform to go the way of Microsoft to create a windows tablet. "We're going to take another run at this business," whitman said, funny words CEO. For Whitman information, you or HP haven't giving the first run on anything let alone tablets. And if you calling the HP Touchpad a run, then you a totally delusional Mrs Whitman. HP drop the towel on the WEBOS project without even trying anything, really I don't know what second run is this lady talking about in the first place.

    Haven't they seen the long lines when the TouchPad went on sale, people going out of there way to purchase the tablet. And the instant it went on PVS it sold pretty quickly. Is the new company CEO is that stupid to go with Windows tablet, for God Sake please. Well, nice going there HP, you lost a customer here no more money out of my pocket from now on. I'm thankful for buying an Epson printer, because at least I will not give a dime to a stupid company where it clearly lacks innovation. What more decision stupid HP need to take until you realize that Palm is the way to go. All the media clamored WebOS, even saying that it was new intuitive software that brought something fresh to the market that is filled with iOS or Android. The Stacks of cards multitasking ability also got a lot of attention everywhere.

    Something that clearly can't be understood, was buy Palm while spending that much money on a company for nothing to later axe the project altogether. Why did you spend that much money to buy WebOS in the first place HP ? Experimenting ? or a way of throwing money in the air ? or plain stupidity, which one is it HP ? In my opinion, HP since day one was clueless on how to manage a mobile device unit and remains just as clueless as ever since day you bought Palm. While it may eventually muster competitive tablets, it appears increasingly unlikely HP will ever succeed in the near term in the smart phone market. For that all the blame goes on you, HP you killed WebOS for your mistakes.

    HP keeping the TouchPad and webOS in limbo, that alone is something that frustrates me the most, I think that HP needs a real leader as a CEO someone with a vision like Steve Jobs had with the company Apple which thanks to him is the most important company in the world.

    As for webOS, HP promises false hopes, "HP will continue to explore options to optimize the value of webOS software going forward." LIARS you killed WebOS already, just by saying windows tablet alone...SADLY ENOUGH FAITHFUL USERS OF WEBOS DEVICES.
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    I thought HP's decision to retain the PC business was a good one. They already made the HP Slate Windows tablet while selling the Touchpad, so their selling Windows tablets is nothing new. But you are right, they need to make a decision on whether to be a generic vendor selling Windows hardware on PCs, phones, and tablets; or whether to go the superior Apple route and control the entire hardware/software ecosystem with webOS.

    The previous CEO obviously made the wrong decision to kill the Touchpad 6 weeks after its launch -- no one can expect to outsell the iPad with its huge lead in the first year or two, you have to be in it for the long run. There is clearly a viable market for webOS tablets, but for webOS phones it's not as clear. But HP needs tablets pronto as keeping the PC business is fine this year, but PCs are not the future either. Let's give the new CEO some credit here for reversing some bad decisions quickly, and hopefully she will continue webOS as well, the best tablet OS.
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    Mark Hurd made the decision to buy Palm and I believe that his vision was to have WebOS on most of HP's products - laptops, phones, printers, tablets, ect. However his replacement Leo Apotheker wanted to focus on enterprise and used poor initial sales to kill off the WebOS program.
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    HP bought it to take a big steaming dump on it.
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    I remember when GE bought RCA. They closed or sold everything but NBC, but had a problem with RCA research. They finally brought in SRI to consult and tell them what to do with them. SRI's report pretty much said "Donate it to us for the tax writeoff", which GE did. This is the same research house that created color TV, HDTV, digital cinema, contributed to video encoding, pyramid image processing, and voice recognition (now as part of Siri). GE never realized what a gold-mine they handed over.
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    HP is a company made of many companies. The right hand doesn't know what the left is doing.


    HP's BoD is comprised of brain-dead morons


    HP has no clue how to use their "scale" to help Palm succeed, but managed to do the opposite by slowing things down even more, and now this.
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    It's simple, if Mark Hurd was still CEO, things would have worked out differently. He had a vision for webOS, which is why he decided to purchase Palm & webOS.

    Leo & Meg have no such vision for webOS. I doubt any of them have even used a webOS device. I'm pretty sure the HP Board of Directors & top execs all use iPhones or Blackberry's. They have no idea how awesome webOS is, or it's potential; which is why they are killing it off & just tossing webOS to the curb.

    These guys really just want to try to please their share holders. As far as webOS is concerned, they could care less. These guys are going to double down on Microsoft and Windows 8.
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    Quote Originally Posted by pre4 View Post
    Let's give the new CEO some credit here for reversing some bad decisions quickly, and hopefully she will continue webOS as well, the best tablet OS.
    I wouldn't really count on that. She was obviously on the board while Leo was the CEO and I guess she had the same vision. I guess she changed her mind after studying the spin-off as the value of HP in the business world is that it all comes together as a package: Software+Hardware. Also, HP is known as a Hardware provider much popular and reputable than as a software provider.

    I was happy when I first heard about the spin-off and I know that it might be Palm's story all over again; however, I had hopes that the new spin-off continue the commitment rather than HP. I still hope that what I am saying is wrong, but you would never know and my mind keep leaning that way.
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    this is what happened apple gave HP 1.2 billion to buy palm and after a year apple told HP to close down palm because it was going to become to big of a threat loool.
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    Quote Originally Posted by 74sickness View Post
    this is what happened apple gave HP 1.2 billion to buy palm and after a year apple to HP to close down palm because it was going to become to big of a threat loool.
    Everything is coming together now...THIS makes perfect sense!!! haha

    Seriously though, I'm just glad they got webos on a darn tablet before they gave it the axe. Just blows I can't use the Pre 3 on sprint. I have a frakenpre 2 but well you know...
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    i agree about the mismanagement of webOS by HP . i think that they thought it would be easy to go into the mobile world with suchcompelling software , bit once they got it, thy had no idea what to actually do with it and didn't give those working on it enough support .

    hope is low, but Im still looking for a good outcome not webOS.
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    It's not that they bought it for getting into the phone-world. HP already had the iPaq for years and they still make the iPaq up till today.
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    Quote Originally Posted by PalmPixi_User23 View Post
    Couldn't a decision come the same way it was decided not to spin-off their PC division today.
    I don't think so. The decision not to spin off was one made to save money due to the integrated nature of PSG and the fact that spinning it off would cost more money then it was worth. Where as the choice not to spin off PSG was done to save money, continueing to go with webos is a decision to spend more money. Thus i don't expect them to be made the same way. Not to mention the fact is PCs make up 31% of HP revenue and webos makes up a minute part of HP relatively speaking.

    Quote Originally Posted by PalmPixi_User23 View Post
    Haven't they seen the long lines when the TouchPad went on sale, people going out of there way to purchase the tablet.
    unfortunately the problem is people only really bought it when it was 80% off. And many bought it to put Android on it. There were no lines before the 80% off. The 2011 VW Passat was $20K and sold horribly but i bet if they cut it by 80% and tried to sell them for $3800 there would be lines tomorrow because a $3800 car is a steal no matter what. That doesn't mean they can still sell that years model at $20k and that's the the Touchpad's problem.

    Quote Originally Posted by pre4 View Post
    no one can expect to outsell the iPad with its huge lead in the first year or two, you have to be in it for the long run.
    I don't think or recall anyone at HP saying they expect it to outsell the ipad. But i think they expected to sell enough touchpads to get a lot closer to at least break even or whatever their goals where. What ever those goals, They surely were not a $300 million dollar a quarter loss. As for the long run. Well they haven't been in the financial situation to sustain long term losses for many years so I surely didn't expect them to be in the webos business long if it didn't sell. We'll see if they change their mind. But like i said above on of the reasons they are keeping PSG together is it saves money. I'll be slightly curious to see if they have any interest in spending money on a webos longshot.
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    HP was in shopping spree in 2010, compulsively buying new technologies. Buy now and think later philosophy combined with alarming decrease of revenue in PC business are reason why HP bought Palm. Hurd's vision was not so different from Leo's - they both wanted HP to enter higher margins market, but Hurd was thinking at consumer market push trough PSG products, and Leo faced reality of consumer market and decided to push corporate software and services.
    Simply, HP made mistake. Leo admitted it.
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    HP has always been an also-ran in corporate software markets. But they absolutely crush on consumer hardware sales. I think what we really run into, is HP doesn't have any idea how to enter a market. The iPAQ line is all on the Compaq side, and hardware wise, is apparently built by HTC. It almost seems like HP just buys a company when they want into a market, and expect that acquisition to carry it, without giving them the tools that they need to actually do it. *shrug*

    it's a mess. You can't enter a market by tackling it's top dog head on, unless you absolutely have the ability to beat the top dog. There's absolutely no way in Hell that the TouchPad competes with the iPad on anything except the basic hardware specs.
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    Another sad news to the WebOS community, more indecision coming out of HP headquarters and their silliness of not knowing on what to do with their WebOS purchase. I was smart enough not to get my hopes up with this news that was circulating around the internet. As history tends to repeat itself, I knew in my bottom of my heart on what was going to happen in the end(without having to be present at the meeting). Mrs Whitman was going to say that a decision was not reached and that more months will take to analyze on what to do with WebOS.

    I'm still shaking my head in disbelief, what's wrong at HP team of directors and managers....Are they so empty-headed that making a such an easy decision on WebOS is hard for them ? I might not studied Business management, but the most logic thing will be to revive it and bring more devices to the market to expand into the market share of mobile and tablet devices. HPs acquisition of Palm a year ago gave the company complete control over a mobile platform, which tends to be a good thing since HP could manage everything to even the user experience. While other competitors craft hardware (and sometimes software add-ons) like HTC or Samsung- HP had a such a nice recipe with their newly purchased WebOS to succeed much like Apple and Google are currently doing. But instead they gave up too quickly without any effort in their part, and now completely not only destroyed WebOS but shredded into pieces and lit it on fire. Now it will be much harder for anyone(company or licensee) to put the pieces together to make it profitable and viable software into a market that is completely dominated by Google(android) and Apple(iOS). Thanks HP, because of your stupid mistakes not even a single company wants it....Now could the real potential Buyer PLEASE STAND UP !!!! [Cricket] [Cricket]

    WebOS or HP to Blame

    It got me curiously thinking these couple of days, in seeing HP extending and extending months and months of a decision for WebOS. Just by reading Mrs Whitman past statements, you can tell the distrust that the company has towards WebOS and that they decide to kill it off instead that to spend more money that they originally used to buy Palm years ago. But who could we blame for this fiasco HP or WebOS(in general) ?

    To look into more deeply on who's to blame for this, we have to take a trip back a few months ago. Many people in the press, had noticed HP lack of motivation when touchpad came into the scene from lack of campaign to mismanagement of assets. In my opinion of the failure of WebOS is partly to HP. They took years to place the TouchPad on sale, no Pre3 to go along with it(since it was the only device with touch-to-share) just the silly Veer which barely sold any units. The ad campaign was poorly managed instead of throwing out commercial which showed the true potential to WebOS, but no they decided to put Lady GaGa or the british actor who wasn't funny in the first place to represent HP as a company who wanted to reintroduced themselves into the mobile with WebOS. Who in the right mind decided than placing actors on ads make things to sell more quickly ? They hired the british actor who was at the same time talking about how wonderful his iPad 2 was, while doing commercial for WebOS- Seriously HP ?

    Another thing to add, the WebOS 3.0 software performance was buggy from the beginning with slow at launching new apps, buggy skype intergration(no use of the front-facing camera after-all), HP MovieStore app or Amazon to purchase movies or music, so to restart etc etc etc. What did HP do since February? They had the resources, money, and manpower to make webOS succeed, instead release a buggy device which caused it to failed miserably.

    HP start pointing fingers at you, instead of WebOS for its failures, because we all know that you were behind the campaign and its management. That is unacceptable behavior for webOS fan like myself. So could we blame HP or WebOS ?

    HP to blame: 99.9 %
    WebOS blame: 35 %

    Tablet Market Share

    There was a study done a few months ago, after HP finished with their Fire TouchPad sales. Which clearly shows that HP gained a bit of market share with WebOS, why not continue with that and sale more webOS devices. The firesale of touchpad is much more evidence that WebOS have a future but if HP acts accordingly and with great strategy.

    Market share with webOS.
    " As a result, WebOS's worldwide market share reached 4.7% in 3Q11. However, with no clear plan to license or sell the OS to other vendors, IDC expects the WebOS market share to shrink back to zero by 1Q12.

    Instead of HP focusing on that, they simply say let's wait more months and years to make a decision on WebOS. Don't wait too long HP, you will loose that market share that you gained with the TouchPad. Revive the TouchPad and place it in stores for this holiday season which it could bring more sale and gain customers with WebOS. But HP rather behave like a spoil child with a hurt ego and throw everything down the toilet. While Apple releases their iPad 3 and Google their ice cream sandwich tablets/phones. Great HP, you really are smart !!!!!

    HP silliness is causing more harm than good

    IF HP really wants to sell WebOS, they need to place their priority together before that could turn into a sell. The reason which i say this, is very simple HP needs to revive the webOS(hardware and software) to make it sound reliable and profitable to the company who decides to buy WebOS. No company will buy something that is dead with no support and has been killed twice(in less than three yrs). The more you waste into placing your hollistic decisions, the company who either expressed interest in purchasing WebOS will move on to Google "android" instead.

    While more time passes by, the more people gonna loose interest into WebOS and move along to other companies who are advancing into newer phones and operating systems. What are you doing HP ? Focus yourself and start reviving the WebOS while in the same time do all the great things you originally plan to do with WebOS. Your inability to put your head together makes me stress out even more, do something already !!!!!! Geez

    HP slowly moving to Microsoft charms with their windows operating System

    Last week, I saw HP returning to its Windows stomping grounds with the Slate 2, instead of reviving the TouchPad. That really tells you, that HP lost faith completely on WebOS and decided that Microsoft will solve all their problems. Now we know why did Richard Kerris left HP, because he knew the doomed future of WebOS under HP management. Does HP thinks that tweaking the hardware and pen-based input tablet dubbed slate 2, will make a killing in sales or beat the iPad ? The Touchpad sold more units than that piece of antiquated garbage which it was killed after less than a month. And the funnier thing is that HP is selling it for $699, really much more expensive than the iPad ? Good luck HP, with windows...and Thanks for destroying such a nice OS you had in your hands with WebOS ! YOU STUPID HP !!!!!!

    HP has gotten a lot of wrong here, and needs to pick a side: support Windows or WebOS? Which I will ask again: Why the hell did you buy palm HP ?
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    Attitude at HP seems to be plagued with fear and cowardice. They want easy money probably. They don't want to take head on with their competitors. They are themselves so much overwhelmed by Google and Microsoft & others, that they can foresee nothing else but only their own failure in capturing the market with relaunched Webos devices. Job of a good leader is to show the bright future to the team and then lead the onslaught.

    ... and I just ordered a Pre3 yesterday.
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    I wonder if things would have been different if Mark Hurd was still CEO
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    Quote Originally Posted by kel101 View Post
    I wonder if things would have been different if Mark Hurd was still CEO
    But wasn't it him who said that they didn't buy Palm to get into the smartphone business? So I am not sure 'the faithful' would have liked where he would have went either...

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    I wonder if it would be possible for HP to sell the Slate 2 to enterprise and perhaps continue with webOS on the consumer tablet space. Also, how about a fire sale with those warehoused phones? Is that at all possible? Granted, I don't think there were very many, but it could create a little buzz if AT&T and Verizon were able to generate a little frenzy of folks scrambling to get a cheap Pre 3.
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