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    Good news and bad news...

    First, the good:

    I have found a way to use the Palm Query App from your Treo. This means you can look up Whitepages entries without using Blazer to access - big $$$ or ringing 1223 (and toying with Telstra's speech recognition) (chargeable to some non-Telstra networks...Cough...Optus...Cough)

    The advantages of this are threefold.

    1) Addresses you look up can be directly imported into your addressbook (although Yambay, the developers thought it would be a nice "feature" if it always appended a "powered by Yambay" note to each addressbook entry... Annoying and lame.

    2) As each lookup is approximately 1-2k of data (according to Trafficstat) versus lots more for Blazer it is more economical and probably quicker too. Moreover, even if you are on Optus paying 22c flagfall and 3.3c/k for data, an average lookup will still cost you less than the 40c they charge for ringing 1223.

    3) It's just cool.

    To do this, you will need to:

    Install the libraries, PRCs and instructions for which are available from this page: and do a soft reset.

    You will then have a "wireless" option in your Palm's preferences.

    You may then install the Whitepages PQA (available from or more directly at: .

    Note that the PQA didn't work for me at first and the connection failed. I found that if you open the newly added Wireless preferences, there was a value already entered in the Proxy field. I don't recall what it was (may have been my carrier's default - someone please advise) but if you click in the field to edit the proxy address, you will have the option to default to the factory settings. In my case the default turned out to be ( and when I did it, subsequently the PQA worked like a charm.

    Now....The Bad News:
    I would also take this opportunity to issue a WARNING to Australian GPRS users...

    As opposed to most overseas carriers who promote GPRS as an "always on" connection, the locals have decided to charge an approximately 22c "flagfall" for connections to GPRS.

    I am on Optus ( and,00.html ) but I can confirm this applies similarly to Telstra ( ) and Vodafone ( ).

    It means that your only options are to do a ping or mail-check etc. every now and then to maintain a connection (but incur resultant data transfer costs) or cop a connection fee each time. You're damned if you do and damned if you don't.

    There is a setting in the Preferences submenu of the Treo's Network preferences section with an option to "Connect to the data network whenever wireless mode is powered on". This is turned ON by default after the GPRS upgrade but even if you turn it OFF, it will default to ON after a soft-reset.

    The danger here is that EVERY time you reset or power up your phone with the setting enabled, you may be incurring the "flagfall" charge. I am not sure if this also extends to whenever the phone drops out and reconnects as well though this wouldn't surprise me...

    UPDATE: I spoke to a techo at Optus who suggests there is a difference between "attaching" to the network versus "connecting to it" and my fears may be somewhat allayed. I cannot be certain until I receive my first post-GPRS bill but would welcome anyone else's experience in this regard.

    This, together with the rather exhorbitant rate of 3.3c per kilobyte (or put another way, $33 per megabyte - anyone downloading music videos like they told us yet? :-) is yet another critical blow to any chance of this service ever taking off down under in a big way and a crying shame for the future of Australian wireless data. It certainly means that your first post-GPRS bill may be higher than you planned.

    Might I suggest you echo these thoughts to your carrier... Try to write or speak with someone of influence (i.e. don't whinge to the helpdesk, it wasn't their decision)...

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    I'm currently on my first month of GPRS with Telstra Mobilenet. The first month is free then 22c connection and 2.2c per kilobyte.

    I will try the whitepages PQA.

    I use the telstra wap home page that they install as default home page

    white pages directory searches are fast but they don't update contacts directly


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