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    My Treo 300's Flip Cover broke on me on three corners, two of them on the top of the lid near the Treo and Handpsring logos. I do not use this Treo as my primary cell phone, so usage is less than normal. I took it in to Sprint PCS and they said they do NOT cover physical damage. Handspring says all support HAS to go through Sprint PCS. NO ONE WILL ASSUME RESPONSIBILITY FOR THIS CHEAP MANUFACTURING DEFECT! After all, it only takes replacement of a lid. I said I'd pay for it, but neither Sprint or Handspring would do it!!

    ANYONE OUT THERE WITH A SIMILAR PROBLEM? Sprint says I am the first customer they have heard about this.

    I am soo frustrated. Sprint PCS said, "Sir, you'll have to buy a new one!" What sort of product support is this? I NEVER dropped the Treo, promised. I've had it since it first came out earlier this year in September, I believe.

    Some folks suggested I get the insurance, wait 30 days and claim it. Anyone had success with this?

    Sorry, I felt like I needed to vent with you all. Any suggestions?

    Thanks in advance.
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    Get the insurance...

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