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    I buried this post in another thread but somone from HP has to get moving down this path asap

    HP really should keep on w/ webos and imo the best way to get more market share is tap into something EVERONE is missing.. and nobody is after. I don't know anyone who wouldn't want a large 22" or so version (large touch calendar) in their kitchen. The integration w/ your entire family's personal calendars and facebook etc, sports and TV just add a mouse to that bt keyboard and maybe a tv tuner and man what a sick device! Then have a few neat touch features with smaller touchpads and even wireless link to the touchpads (and phones) at each personís bedroom on the night stand acting as a clock in exhibition type mode.

    Please just sick.. endless possibilities.

    HP there is your model for free.. pay me big and I'll set you up for the next 10+yrs

    PS another free tip.. webos should be running on all bd/dvd players....

    umm how about a partenership w/ timewarner.. digital set boxes... see where this is going.. u nimrods.. LOL also cellular and std phone line in options... should be a must on the 'touch hub' calendar (damn there is a great name given away)

    how about extra hardware to start selling..

    good wireless speakers that can be placed anywhere in the home (even outside on the patio etc) just to name one easy *upgrade (well two w/ the bt mouse) LOL

    and don't get stupid and limit hardware to your own, make it as broad as possible for supported phones and tablets.. just always have a few cool things that only work native with webos gear (ie the full link w/ the main 'touch hub' calendar and sharing of apps (and media) on any linked tablet (saving people money is a good way to get them to buy your gear). PS can always sell apps in the itunes and android stores to enable the extra features and make MONEY at it.. (see the angle)

    PS a usb or firewire port will be needed for data storage, ** provide an option but don't limit this to proprietary equip (tb+ storage for recorded tv, music, ebooks, digital copies, etc etc) This way base memory can still be limited to keep down buy in cost. On that note the money is NOT in the initial 'touch hub' sale, take a LOSS, make it up later (see below)

    webos enabled phones (or touchpads) have apps to enable any feature, anywhere from the *home linked* 'touch hub' calendar also allowing remote activation of tv recording etc etc can even link in lights, heaters etc (webos thermostat)

    I should stop as I'm sure nobody from HP reads here but please this is where it is headed even if some people can't see it yet. First to get there wins.

    while u're at it, a 3d view app and direct link into amazon's ebooks and music or googles if amazon won't play ball... that alone w/ a small share of the rev's will drive profits. Good lord the 'idea' store running and grocery list apps that run in the corner of the 'touchhub' man the ideas in my head.. and the possible ad money tied in here from stores and retailers??,, man I should be the CEO ;P Milk gets added to the 'touch hubs' grocery list and all webos phones get updates so it can be picked up on the way home (can enable sms for this feature so it works on all phones, just not as cool). Really I could go on for days
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    send a written letter to hp corpirate with your suggestions

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