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    I signed up for the Vision plan a little over a month ago when I got my Treo 300, and I've been very happy with it. However, when I've looked at my account online over the past month, I've noticed under the minutes used something called "Casual Use PCS Wireless Web Minutes", and it showed a continually increasing number of minutes used, and that none of these minutes are included in my plan. The first couple of customer reps I spoke with couldn't tell me what they were, but finally last night I spoke to one who enlightened me somewhat to what may be going on. To my horror he informed me that every one of these minutes was being billed to my account at the rate of 39 cents a minute, and that since signing up for the Vision plan I racked up charges of approximately $99 for 255 minutes. That was quite a shock, but the good news was that he credited my account for this amount since I'm not supposed to be able to access the wireless web through dial up, nor can I even purchase the $5/months plan for unlimited wireless web minutes. Nevertheless, the Treo phone can do both. Of course, I don't even want to use wireless web minutes, especially since they are charged at the rate of 39 cents per minute. Anyway, the Vision plan lets me browse the web all I want, and it's all free minutes --- at least for the first 3 months.
    It appears that these "Casual Use PCS Wireless Web Minutes" minutes are being used when I use the application AOL for Palm OS", which allows me to send and receive email from my AOL account. The rep and I couldn't be absolutely sure that this was where these wireless web minutes were coming from, but we strongly suspect that this AOL program is the culprit. Surprisingly enough, calls to this AOL number do not show up on the call history log, which seems strange in itself; that makes it difficult to check whether the minutes they are charging me are due to using AOL for Palm OS. I can't think of what else could be causing these minutes to accrue. Could it be that feature in Voice Command where you dial *, then tell it to "Call the Web"? Another rep I spoke to several weeks ago assured me that using this feature wouldn't even use my anytime or off peak minutes, but would be covered by the Vision Plans unlimited minutes. I'm starting to doubt that the more I think of it. It sure would be nice if they could tell me how I'm using these very costly minutes. The only advice this guy could give me was to stop using AOL for Palm OS. The problem with that is that I really like being able to send and recieve email with my Treo. Maybe there's a way to access this email account through the Vision plan and Blazer. Previous attempts to access the AOL web site would not let me sign on to get my mail.
    I'm sorry this is such a long post, but maybe others are unwittingly racking up minutes the way I have been, and someone may have the answer to correct this screwy situation. You would hope that Sprint would, but who knows when or if they will ever get around to it. Thanks for your time. Ken
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    Interesting. I just started using AOL on my treo300 and I noticed 4 casual minutes on my account. Its always something!

    Will monitor it . Thanks Tim,
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    Originally posted by tcronk
    Interesting. I just started using AOL on my treo300 and I noticed 4 casual minutes on my account. Its always something!

    Will monitor it . Thanks Tim,
    Are you using AOL 3.0? If so make sure your location is set to "another ISP" and you won't have any problems.
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    I double checked it and its set to another isp .... Thanks Tim,

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