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Popular smartphones no longer worth buying - iPhone app article - Marty Gabel | Appolicious ™ iPhone and iPad App Directory

"here is no better time than now to purchase a smartphone. Apple’s iPhone 4S and the soon-to-be released Samsung Galaxy Nexus and Motorola RAZR are setting new standards in smartphone functionality, reliability and design. In fact, these top-of-the-line devices are setting a higher bar for everyone else in the cellular industry. Top-selling smartphones and one-time household names are increasingly becoming obsolete. And while less advanced and older-model phones will no doubt be discounted to compete, you will still end up paying in the long run. You will likely spend spend several hundred dollars to use your phone over the course of a two-year contract. So you’re better off ponying up more at the time of purchase to get the best possible device.
With that in mind, you should think twice before purchasing these popular smartphones."

And the point of interest...
Palm Pre 2

Many of us who owned handheld comptuers before smartphones have a soft spot for Palm, a pioneer in personal data assistant revolution. In recent years, Palm loyalists could still look forward to new devices put out by HP that ran on the underrated WebOS mobile operating software. Today, you can pick up a trusty Pre 2 for $149.99 with a new two-year Verizon contract. However, don’t expect to get much out of the Pre 2 aside from a nice nostalgic effect. This past summer, HP announced that it was getting out of the mobile operating software business completely and that it would longer be releasing new smartphones. Support for webOS might not be forthcoming in the future, so if you run into software problems with the Pre 2 or any Palm device, you may have a hard time fixing them."

I love my SprintFrankenPre2, even when i have a hard time fixing it, same reason i love my 40 yr old buick, mostly because everybody looks and thinks "oh thats a nice relic", till they see what it can do.