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    does the CDMA treo 300 have all the features of a new GPRS treo 270 with the upgrade GPRS firmware?

    or do they need a cdma firware upgrade
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    Treo 300 does not need a firmware upgrade for high-speed data, it's there ab inicio.

    I don't have a 270. I have heard however that the 270 with GPRS is able to take a phone call while simultaneously transmitting data.

    With the CDMA version, you can receive calls while the high-speed data connection is open, but not while you're actually transmitting data (the call goes to voicemail).

    OTOH, I believe the CDMA version has a higher theoretical maximum data speed (144kbps) than the GPRS, though I don't know how the practical maximum data speeds compare (just like you almost never get completely clear voice call reception with cellular, you never achieve the theoretical max data speed either).

    Hope this helps.
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    i wasnt concerned so much as with the cababilities as much as with the software supposedly the upgrade fixed other issues in the software on the phone and added features just wondering if those have already been added to the treo.

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