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    I've just run into the problem where activating wireless mode just sits there and says "Network Search..." at the top without the search box coming up.

    I'm pretty sure the solution for this is RadioReset (pre-GPRS Treos) and draining the battery dead for Treos with the GPRS update already applied.

    My question is... what's a good way to drain the battery? I'm now at the point where if I use the reset pin, the Palm logo comes up for about half a second, and then it turns off again. How long do I have to wait before it's dead enough that this problem goes way?
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    Nevermind, it's back now.
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    In case this happens again.... there have been previous threads about opening up the treo & disconnecting the battery wire. This is obviously much easier & quicker than waiting for the battery to drain....If you're not afraid to do a little 'surgery'.

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    Yes, I was aware of that. In fact, I posted it somewhere a while ago. I had done it on a previous Treo, but didn't want to do it to this one because I'm about to get a warranty replacement for an unrelated issue, so I didn't feel like risking opening it up right now.

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