Been quite awhile since I've been on the forums, but with my firesale tablet finally arriving this week, I have a couple of questions. Hopefully somebody knowledgeable will see this!

1) I want to move from sprint to ATT (funny how I originally went the other direction just so I could get a palm pre a couple of years ago!!). Will that affect my hpalm profile, or will everything transition smoothly? I do intend to buy a GSM pre 2 for this. My main reason for ditching sprint is that they charge to forward per minute, and I'd really like to forward my phone to my vonage line when I am at home.

2) With the touchpad, will I continue to use my current hpalm profile, and share it with my pre without issue? I did see the threads on this, and it appears that the answer is yes. Just looking for verification before I dive in when the new toy arrives.

TIA for any insight offered.

-- Greg