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    hi all,

    has anyone heard rumors of upcoming backup accessories for the treo? like a dongle, sled, etc.

    recently while away from my computer, my treo locked up and it suddenly dawned on me how important something like a backup module would be!

    and no, i don't plan on buying a laptop just to backup my treo.
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    I don't have firsthand experience with this, but someone on this site claimed to have used Backup Buddy (3rd party software) to restore their Treo data after a hard reset by wirelessly hotsyncing to their internet-connected PC.

    (If you want to know how to set up your Treo for wireless hotsync, just do a search on this site for the words "wireless" and "hotsync".)

    Hope this helps.
    --invention is the mother of necessity
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    I have my wireless hotsync set up - no backup buddy currently tho...

    It would be nice to have something like one of those pocket usb drives, but for a treo, that has a hotsync button on it that simply backs up the entire memory from the treo and restores it if it is erased at some point.

    something like 20 MB for a single user's data. I'd pay for a device like that just to avoid the hassle of a wireless sync!

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