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    Is there a way to use the rocker switch to select the buttons that come visible after a call is completed ("Hang Up", "Hold", "Speaker Phone", "Extra Digits"/"Mute")?

    I've loaded 'PowerJog' but it apparently can't access that part of the phone application.
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    There are keyboard strokes that are equivalent to most of those on-screen buttons. At least with the GRPS upgrade, anyway.

    Return is extra digits, backspace is hang up, period is mute, spacebar is toggle speaker phone, etc.

    These are fairly easy to press with your thumb while holding the phone in one hand.

    I still think one-handed operation is the Treo's main advantage over every other PDA phone out there.
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    I like the shortcuts but these require the lid open and, at least in my case, pretty good lighting (I have a 180 so no backlit keyboard). And if, I've got the lid open I could use the touch screen. What I'm trying to accomplish is checking voicemail, logging on to conference calls with just the touch of the jogdial.
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    I assume you're using the headset for those calls with the lid closed?

    That would be pretty cool. I wonder if you wrote a nice note to the people who wrote PowerJog, maybe they would look into it.

    I'd definitely be more inclined to buy PowerJog myself if it would allow me to access those buttons with one hand while driving without having to open the lid.

    Or maybe this is something Handspring could enable with the next firmware update (1.2?)
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    Yep, I'm wearing the headset. I had planned on sending a note to support but thought I'd see if there was something now.
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    When was the first firmware update, what issues does it address and how can I download it if I need to?

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