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    I'd like to learn a bit of programming. Is programming for Palm a good place to start? Or would I be better off just starting on the desktop first? Is programming for Palm comparitively easier or harder?

    I don't know any "real" programming languages, but I have a some knowledge of variables, arrays, datatypes, etc. from a background in HTML, javascript, ColdFusion.

    Thanks for any suggestions or places to start!
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    try palmsource -

    good luck!
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    You might want to start out using some of the really nice 4gl's out there. Some that come to mind are CASL and ORBForms. Both are very nice and easy to get started with.

    I have been thinking of writing some apps myself but decided to wait for these tools to get to OS5 status before I really dig in. OH, and I need an OS5 device to program on.
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    Look into PDAToolbox. It's at Palmgear and Very inexpensive, with a barely crippled demo. It's the fastest development environment and probably easiest to use, with no coding necessary for creating Palm database apps.

    I've been using it for six months and have really enjoyed the comraderie of a very helpful developer community on two different message board sites.

    It's windows based. Once you've got the hang of it you can develope a basic app in 10 minutes. It's all drop and drag of controls. Then you tell the control what to do and PDAT handles the rest. The created apps are very stable.

    If you want to see what it can do, download Sketcher from palmgear. It's a fine example of the just how powerful it is.

    Best of luck,

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    Interesting, I haven't heard of that one. Microwerks CodeWarrior is supposed to be a very easy (albeit expensive) way to create apps for palm, right? Kinda the standard I think.
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    I haven't used Code Warrior, but it is the standard for app developing and all-powerful. However, I'm told you need code to use it. Plus it's an expensive startup.

    PDAT has developed rapidly over the past year. You can do some very powerful and slick looking apps with it. The developer community is incredibly helpful. You ought to try the free download and see if it's what you're looking for.
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    I've been developing in CASLPro for about 4+ years. It's a very powerful language that allows you to write an application once and run it under Windows, Palm, earlier WinCE versions and soon Pocket PC (Due out at the end of this year).

    I've created commercial applications in CASLPro. One in particular that in two months made about $1000 from the single product. That may not sound like much, but the actual programming time was about two weeks, it's still making money! I've also created several freeware applications using CASL.

    The only current downside to using CASL is that presently it does not support PalmOS5. This will be supported soon, but PPC support will be coming first from what I've read.

    Another feature of CASLPro is that it allows you to embed "c" functions directly into your CASL project. Essentially, you can do anything in CASL that you can do in "c". However, it's a rapid application development tool, cross platform and creates very fast applications.

    There are also lots of libraries that can be added to CASLPro to make it do just about anything including: Support for VFS, accessing the preferncess db, Support for Symbol Barcode Scanners (CSM150, SPT1700, SPT1800, SPT1500, etc.). CASL has standard functions for: Database Access (including sync conduits), menus, graphics functions, network library (http/tcp/, IrDA Support, powerful Grid control and much more.

    CASL is a great language. With PPC Support coming soon and PalmOS5 support shortly after, it's without a doubt the best balance of Rapid Application Development (RAD), cross-platform, processing speed and expandability.

    Just my .02

    CASL Links:
    Palm and PocketPC Development with CASL (make your own Treo apps, easily)
    CASL is here
    LibertyControl is here
    or visit WAGWARE Systems, Inc. here
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    All you programmers out there, please follow my link to see if you'd be interested in creating something for diabetics to use on the palm. Yes, I know there's lots of creations already, but I'm looking for an interface to the IR port on blood glucose meters made by Accu-Chek. (Yes, beaming from a blood glucose meter to a palm device!) If you could do that it'd be really slick! (Check out my post and the links included for details.)

    Here's my post: Calling all diabetics!!!


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