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    Quote Originally Posted by Cantaffordit View Post
    they own the right to use the patents to build smartphones. They don't have the right to license those patents to another company. They would have to sell the entire Palm unit to amazon to have a chance at transferring usage rights to amazon.
    Dear Can't


    Thanks you hit the nail on the head!

    take care,

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    Quote Originally Posted by ilovedessert View Post
    Hi all,

    Actually we don't know if Apple or anyone else for that matter has contact HP throughout all of the try to buy parts or all of Palm/webOS!

    Take care,

    Well we do know a bit more now, HTC (currently engaged in legal action with Apple) decided against buying WebOS, those patents might have value for some things but they sure as heck don't seem to have any value to anyone currently using Android.
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    Quote Originally Posted by CGK View Post
    Why does nobody want the pot of gold? the most straightforward answer is surely that it's a pot of lead.
    It still is pot of gold, but others have diamonds/ pearls/ .. and such.

    Microsoft, Apple, RIM and recently Google have ways to counter sue. Where are LG,Sammy and HTC don't have loads of patents good enough for litigation.

    Its not about patents, its about not opening a can of worms.
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    Actually its more like owning nukes. US and Russia are big boys in the nuke club. However they be hesitant to attack North Korea. Why ? because North Korea has few of them, though they are no match for US/Russia.

    OTOH any nation with nukes can go after Iran. Why ? Because Iran doesn't have nukes yet. Hence it is desperately trying to build its own.

    Its about self protection from others. And Amazon needs it more than Google,Apple,Microsoft and RIM
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    Hi again, All

    So, if some of these patents are for phycal concepts (i.e. "a device", or "on a device"), and Palm got rights to "use in perpetuity"... does "perpetuity" only apply as long as Palm (and subsequent owner/licensee) has physical devices of their own, or is it just "perpetuity".

    Reason I ask, is did any aspects of "perpetuity" end when HP announced an end to the manufacture and marketing of WebOS devices?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Courousant View Post
    I'll go one step further. Failure to act to protect a patent is grounds to LOSE the patent. Therefore, if they had a case they would have been obliged to pursue it.
    Just FYI, not suing over a patent doesn't cause you to lose it. It limits the damages. For example if someone infringes on your patent for 10 years and you do nothing, you can't sue for all the money they made in the last 10 years, although you can still stop them from shipping future products using that patent. And still get hundreds of millions of dollars. Trademark on the other hand is "protect it or lose it".

    The Treo smartphones came out after the PalmOne/PalmSource split. So the PalmSource/Acacia patents are probably mostly PDA-related while Palm/HP probably has the smartphone patents. Thus, the value of the webOS patent portfolio isn't from the license agreement with PalmSource, but rather Palm's patents from the Treo days.

    Having more patents is useful if you want to protect yourself from companies like Apple, although it's hard to reason with patent trolls like Acacia which have no products of their own. Even if Amazon obtained a license to the Acacia patents by paying them off or acquiring Palm (assuming the licensing is transferable), they (and everyone else) would still be vulnerable to other patent trolls. It's a no-win situation until lawmakers fix the patent system.
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    I don't follow the patent world all that much, but this guy, FOSS Patents: Australian injunction could be extended to other Samsung products, HTC, Motorola -- and beyond seems to think that a logical extension of the injunction in our courts last week is the end of android, (in Australia at least)

    Lets say his wild speculation is true, wouldn't that make Palm a very valuable business unit?? Now if only Palm / HP could market stuff :-)
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