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    Since Netflix did a complete 180 and cancelled their plans to spin off their DVD business into Quikster, any chance that HP does the same with their tablets and webOS? If a big public company like Netflix can admit their mistake and reverse their course why couldn't HP do it?
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    I doubt HP will do an about face, but I guess we will find out soon enough.
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    It would be nice but who knows

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    closest you'll probably ever get is using splashtop.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ccx View Post
    closest you'll probably ever get is using splashtop.
    lol, way to read his post.
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    yeah for some reason I misread it as doing a 180 and changing their minds about netflix on touchpad O_o
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    No. No matter how many times this question is posed. No.
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    I'd think it's unlikely, considering that they have fired 500 odd engineers.

    I wouldn't rule it out though.
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    For what reason? To lose more money?
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    It would be great, but maybe a sale can be greater? The thing about facing down the press, learn a lesson from George II--deny, never admit mistakes, never acknowledgee any other viewpoint might have merit. Admitting mistakes must be akin to confessing cancer or other stigma-plagued diseases.
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    webOS has flat-lined due to mismanagement and not even God can bring it back.

    Go out and start looking at the alternatives...
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    Anything is possible, good or bad, at this point.

    Who would have thought that HP would have stopped WebOS hardware production amidst various EARLY stages of 3 new product launches???

    I mean, seriously, until this company can start to show pragmatism and logic in their actions, I'd keep every single available option open as a possibility.

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    It's impossible because most of the dev's are gone. HP would have to invest twice as much money now then it did when it first got webOS.

    It would never happen, period. And no company will bring webOS back to life because of this.

    It's had it's 9 lives and now it's game over.
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    The CEO of HP was fired for these poorly received decisions. The new CEO understands the importance of customer loyalty equally as much as shareholder loyalty. We've been told an answer is coming very very soon.
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    No - HP will not do an about face with webOS and these tablets; I bet they do an about face on the PSG plans though and will keep it in house. Consumer devices running webOS are now obsolete; probably forever unless HP sells webOS outright.
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