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    are you saying those conceptual products tie into webos? it doesn't seem related to webos in any way. hp of course still makes tons of other hardware.
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    Nice, but reality check is not quiet there yet!
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    Looks like they let their designers have fun making up future tech for a movie.

    As for the spin-off, I don't think it makes any difference. Either HP or a spun-off company will still be doing hardware design and production. Probably the spun-off company will share some branding with HP (e.g. a creative and innovative name like "HP personal computing systems"). So largely irrelevant for this.
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    What a bunch of buffoons, the board and Ray Lane are. They don't know any better than trying to mimic IBM.

    webOS , if tuned well, can be a solid platform on these gadgets.
    They got a buggy OS, total App store process, Synergy, OTA and a UI concept that everyone is copying. They just need a strong stomach to take losses while they improve the OS.

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