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    I believe this should be the trend or slogan of the WebOs community.

    Let me explain the statement.

    "MEG" is not a direct attack on her as a person. It’s her representing the mindset of HP the company. The mind set of killing WebOs and computer hardware. I know she didn't come up with that idea but she is the head of HP right now, minus the BOD.

    "ME" is us. The WebOs community, those on this forum and those who are not, it’s the homebrew community, it’s the developer of apps, and it’s any and every thought that was ever created to make WebOs better.

    Now this statement does not mean we want Meg Whitman out of office. It just means that we want HP to have the mindset that we have about WebOs. And what is that mindset? To give it TLC and more than that, Time to blossom into one of the most competitive Os out there.

    "MEG OUT ME IN" is a more aggressive way of stating the same idea as "WEBOS.O.S."

    So the next question is what do we hope to achieve with this trend?

    The answer is IDK. But this trend is driven by the idea that if you get enough people moving in the same direction you can move any mountain.

    I would love for this to show HP that WebOs is more than an Os it’s a passion. But really it's more than HP it’s also for anyone considering buying WebOs.

    I'm just a crazy guy that has never had a passion for any type of phone or electronica device until I was given a Pre to try... So call me what you want and think of me what u will, but you all know deep down inside “WE WANT WEBOS TO LIVE AND WE ALL HOPE HP WILL BRING IT BACK.” Not only have that but brought it back with the mindset of building WebOs around the ideas of the WebOs Community.

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    If I had a vote (which I don't) I'd vote for "None Of The Above" :P
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    This is why nobody takes webOS fans seriously.
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    Quote Originally Posted by UltraMav View Post
    This is why nobody takes webOS fans seriously.
    UltraMav i bet you are one of thoes guys that stand buy and just let crap happen around you and not lift a finger but complain the whole time.
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    Yep, you caught me. Good luck.

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