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    Just starting another useless thread :P
    HP only, not Palm.

    Mine are:

    1. HP 48G reverse polish notation calculator I bought 15 years ago. It's still running strong. I love this thing.

    2. Compaq Celeron D desktop (circa 2005). Dead. (it died for some reason when I installed a new video card, so I guess not their fault).

    3. TP 32gb.

    4. ATT Pre3.

    After the whole killing webOS debacle, I told myself I'd never buy another HP product ever (well, couldn't resist Pre3 ). Now if TP Go turns up, I'll be sure to snatch that up. But as for other future HP products, right now, no plans.
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    I got the TouchPad 16GB and 32GB then just picked up the Veer couple weeks ago that's about it. Oh and an HP Wireless printer that I got with a Macbook if an Apple promotion.
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    HP 15c (nice memories).

    HP DL380 Servers (2)
    HP ML370 Servers (2)
    HP XW-series workstations (6).

    Nope. They screwed the pooch so badly, in so many differnt ways. I have no faith in anything they might say regarding product strategy (or you could say I have 100% faith in their inability to stay the course on issues of "strategic direction" going forward).

    RIP HP.

    I'm sort of glad about the timing... I would HATE if this had happened later this year, since we are about to replace our current crop of servers (tho' it WOULD have been nice to get a VZN Pre3!). Look out Dell - here we come!


    Dell, here we come
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    Touchpad. That is all.
    Achill3s' Palm Pre: Modded and patched to death!!
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    I have a Touchpad and next week I'll receive a Pre 3 - that's it for now.
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    HP 2048w monitor for my PC & 2 32GB TouchPads. No future plans right now.
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    I'm using a HP Pavilion dv6 laptop to type this.

    I also have a HP Photosmart wireless printer and 32GB TouchPad.

    I wouldn't exclude HP products in the future, as long as their specs and price suited my needs better than an alternative.

    [EDIT] I'd definitely buy the HP Go if it comes out at a reasonable price.
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    I have a Pre3 and an OfficeJet Pro 7780.

    If the Opal/Touchpad Go thing should ever, by some miracle, get made then I will try to pick one up but I've no interest in a full size tablet until it can fully replace my laptop (which replaced my desktop a few years ago).
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    I have my TP, Pre+, and 2 laptops.

    I would like a new phone but for now mine is still OK.

    The HP hit the fan as we were looking to buy a new PC so we got a Dell.

    I once had an HP Deskjet but hated the ink system so much I have never bought any printer, no matter the company, that uses those multicolor/printhead inks.

    I also helped my sister get a firesale TP and my husband picked up one for Mom.

    After the dust settles, I'll see if HP is worth considering again.
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    I don't buy hp product unless it's really cheap.

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    Pre+, just replaced by Verizon Pre 2, two 32g Touchpads, Officejet 6500A Plus (to print from my TP). Unless by some miracle HP gets webos running again, those will be the last HP products I'm likely to buy.
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    Im going to buy a Pre3 although im finding it hard to buy in Vietnam
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    We've only owned HP printers, we have 3 Compaq computers (owned by HP, so I'll count it), and I have a Touchpad 32 GB. I also have a Pre 2 and owned a Pixi Plus before it if you want to count that, but I like the Palm branding more than the HP branding for those. :P
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    In order of purchase date:

    HP-45 (first gen.)
    A few power supplies.
    A couple of printers that I got for free but never opened (I'm using other brands)
    Pre Plus (Pre-HP)
    A few server and desktop machines.
    Pre 2 (FrankenPre)
    A couple of new HP 2711x monitors for dual-display of my desktop.

    What will I purchase in the future from HP? That really depends on whether they get their act together before they slide off to become a memory. Their calculators, test equipment and servers were top notch. My company has stopped shipping servers from HP until things change.
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    16g Touchpad and almost a dozen laptops that died on friends but are "mostly fixed" now
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    HP 15C

    At work, the software test lab I manage has 90 DL380s and 200 workstations ranging from 5150s to 6005s.

    Would I buy another? Love WebOS, but would rather the next device be non-HP.

    As for work, the HP hardware we use has been quite reliable and has decent support lifecycles. We have 10s of thousands of workstations and thousands of servers deployed to support hundreds of applications in numerous deployment views. The time and cost to develop and test everything necessary to provision and support different hardware and to test applications - especially stress and performance testing - will be substantial. Other hardware will likely enter the mix, but it won't be quick or cheap.
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    HP Pavilion dx7 laptop

    HP Office Jet Pro 8500 Plus printer (love it and it connects to my TouchPad)

    HP TouchPad 32GB

    HP at&t Pre 3 (awesome phone)

    All good products and yes I would by more HP products
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    i own an HP printer, an HP desktop, an HP Veer, an HP Touchpad 32GIG, and i just picked up an HP Pre3

    The Pre3 will be my final HP purchase for a long, long while, if ever. I'm done with HP for what they did to Palm and WebOS and i'll probably move on to Asus for my computer needs
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    I currently own, in approximate order of acquisition:
    jornada (don't use it now, but it still works!!)
    12c calculator
    Photosmart all-in-one
    pavilion desktop
    6910p win7 laptop
    advanced docking station
    2 monitors
    2 32gb Touchpads

    and on deck! Am eagerly awaiting my next HP toy... Upgrading to an 8560w engineering workstation laptop. Quad core, 8gb RAM, 2gb video card... And another docking station... And another monitor... My inner geek is doing the Curly shuffle!
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    Touchpad 32GB
    HP C180 Unix workstation.
    HP Vacuum Tube voltmeter model 410(?)
    Compaq S910 monitor.
    Some more old Compaq pc and server stuff.

    HP ProBook 4550b laptop supplied for work (not mine).
    On the job I've been known to work with PA-RISC based servers, DL360/DL380s and BL460/BL680 Blade servers (none of those are mine either).

    Depending on price I might grab another Touchpad.
    No plans for more HP products, but wouldn't rule it out either.
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