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    - LaserJet 6P (University surplus sale, idiots in the Arts department jammed the reset button so picked it up for $30 with a brand new toner, pried the button out and it was all good)

    - Veer (Amazon error sale)

    - TouchPad 32GB (Fire sale)

    - Pre 3 AT&T (paid too much for it, but I wanted it)

    Depending on what they decide to launch, may or may not. Definitely do not need their software... HP Quality Center (that big POS that I have to use everyday).
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    I in a couple of printers that I no longer use because ink is so much cheaper for my kodak printer.

    I have a 24" display, and 3 webos phones (pre plus, pre2, and pre3). Only the pre 2 is used as a phone. I also own a touchpad.

    I probably won't buy anything from HP unless/until they have a product and pricepoint that I can't pass up. Seems unlikely with so much competition.
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    Pre 2 and touchpad.

    I am never gonna purchase an hp product again unless it has something to do with webos

    Canon printers are better, Dell Lenovo and samsung make computers that are just as good as hp's. Hp cameras suck. I am even trying to move my pictures and business away from snapfish

    Screw you hp
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    Hp 12-C calculator
    Hp Elitebook laptop
    Hp Photosmart printer
    HP wireless printer (the cheaper one at BB)
    HP 32G touchpad
    Wants a VZW Pre3, otherwise will get a pre2 just for webOS
    other than webOS devices I probably won't buy HP again until the memory of them not following through with Palm/webOS fades (it's still too painful).
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    Currently I don't plan to ever buy another HP product, just because in this time of uncertainty for people with webOS devices, they aren't doing anything to inform us what's happening beyond vague statements. There are lots of other choices in the consumer space right now, and those companies at least pretend to be interested in their customers.

    Oh, and a Pre 2 and a Touchpad.
    -- Bring back DateBk!!

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